Below you will find some useful links about people and business that we believe make the differences among the masses. There are a lot of very smart, very dedicated, talented people out there that can either contribute to making your efforts more successful or inhibit your growth. These ones here came across our path and after our experience with them, we feel we want to reward our community and its people who stand out! They differentiate from the typical business due to their innate talent, quality of work, and of course service.

Filia Apostolakou

Filia Apostolakou is an international artist active both on the local & international market. She is a classic technique lover, presents in all her paintings the reality in the best possible way. She uses oil – a difficult material – which she handles with great expertise, offering a wonderful combination of colors. Her technique is delicate, picturing with extreme sensitivity, vividness and uniqueness of the natural environment and the scenic landscape. Her brush-stroke “brings to life” perennial olive-trees, fortunate pomegranates, beloved almond-trees…….which she dearly loves. She has painted most of the art pieces in ELaiolithos. Her artistic talent is also presented in various collections at L-Art Gallery & Decor in Chalkio village in Naxos.

Kostas Mathioulakis

Kostas Mathioulakis is a professional photographer for Special Occasions, Businesses and any other event or theme you might have. He has done photography for our L-Art Gallery’s web site and for ELaiolithos.

Mihalis Prombonas (Hartelas)

Implementation Projects. Colored Microcement Decorative Coating Application and Solution for Walls and Floors and Microcement Solution for Each and any Surface. Imaginative & Innovative, Guaranteed Quality, Unrepeatable Personalized Results.

As a token of appreciation I want to express my gratitude and thanks to Mihalis Prombonas (Hartelas) for his commitment and abilities to create a vision for the job in hand, to convince, strategically execute, plan towards the eventual completion of ELaiolithos, and ensure its ultimate outcome! I appreciate his attributes: his assistance, his flexibility, his creativity, his passion, his hard work and confidence in everything.

The structure of the building along with all the surrounding area, the suites/apartments’ interior, the bathrooms, the beds, and much more was constructed by him and his staff. This project was very challenging, both in scope and time, but his performance was exceptional. Their cleanliness on the work site and their care for everything including the materials was very impressive. As challenges arose, he provided me with a multitude of options while keeping the project on schedule.

His work is commendable – consistently above expectations! He really went above and beyond the call of duty for a long period of time. People like him are an asset to any project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, his father and stuff for anything. Anyway his work on the site speaks for itself. (+30 697 196 2514)

ChannelDoubler Digital Marketing

An amazing team of Digital & Content Marketing professionals that are based in United Kingdom, while working with clients in Greece, USA and Canada. They did not only create this website but they offered valuable insights for the Travel sector. Their extremely helpful advisory on hotel and travel marketing is a direct product of their experience working with a variety of digital projects for more than 12 years. ChannelDoubler also runs projects related to Outdoor Activities  promotion and travel blogging marketing (i.e. It was very refreshing to work with them as they understand both the traveler and hotelier business.