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Naxos Beaches

Enjoy SWIMMING in Naxos,

the largest of the Cycladic islands in the center of the Aegean Archipelago. At 429 km2 (166 sq. mi) area, Naxos is a favored summer holiday destination due to its numerous long sandy beaches. It’s been popular with foreign tourists since the time of Byron, who said it was his favorite island. You can take advantage of Naxos’ geographic location and size and discover a world of contrasts and find beaches where you can get away.

ELaiolithos advantage is its central position in the island, nestled in the heart of Naxos in the mainland; from here any beach on the island is accessible at equal time. ELaiolithos captures the heart and the soul of all those travelers seeking pure moments of relaxing holidays away from the crowds. From here the traveler can discover the most romantic, secret, private and secluded beaches in Naxos, on the north, east and southern-east side. Enjoy an organic vacation hideaway with beaches untouched and small village settlements that offer a window into a world of the past.

Naxos Beaches


The beaches are sandy, in close proximity to ELaiolithos. and easy to get to by car. For all those travelers wanting to discover the secret, unspoiled side of the island of Naxos, we recommend the following secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, outstanding views and unsurpassed romantic sunrises and sunsets that will make a revitalizing experience to any visitor. Prepare also yourself for a gastronomical love affair, as you savor exceptional local dishes.

Apollonas village which is the most developed settlement of northern Naxos in terms of tourism. As you approach, you will witness a beautiful view of the bay in a small village settlement with a beautiful sandy beach and a few taverns & cafes by the beach. Here you have the opportunity to see also the giant KOUROS statue, an unfinished 11-meter sculpture dating to the 6th Century B.C.

naxos island greece


Naxos Beaches


LIONAS beach is a hidden romantic gem, a secluded white pebble bay with crystal clear waters, a very picturesque seaside settlement in northeastern Naxos, 14 Km away from ELaiolithos with asphalt road all the way. Access to Lionas is an experience by itself, as the descending of the winding road reveals the beauties of Naxos: unique rocky terrain, entrance shafts-archways of the emery mines and the remains of the aerial railway that was used for the transfer of the emery. For those seeking serenity and relaxation, Lionas is an ideal place where you can also enjoy your coffee or dinner by the seaside tavern in the front that serves fresh fish and delicious dishes using regional local ingredients. This part of the island has a wild beauty that you should see.  Lionas is totally a relaxing and reviving experience of any visitor.

Naxos Beaches


Moutsouna village is 16 Km away from ELaiolithos in the east side of Naxos with asphalt road all the way. It has 2 separate small crystal clear water sandy beaches. The first beach is situated right in front of the seaside taverns and it is called Ai Giannis. The second beach follows next and it is named Tigani.  Moutsouna is not an organized beach. On your way there the drive is well worth the effort. From an altitude of 650m you will descend to sea level very slowly and you will capture some amazing shots, you will see the remains of old emery mines and a part of the old emery air way. Here you can enjoy great tasty local gastronomy on the picturesque seafront taverns with endless views of the blue Aegean Sea right on the beach. Moutsouna is an isolated and almost tourist free settlement.

Naxos Beaches


You might want to investigate also the closest beaches to Moutsouna which they are:

AZALAS beach is 500 meters away of Moutsouna. This is a wonderful beach, ideal for nature enthusiasts. The coastline is mostly rocky with several small coves forming in between. The panoramic view of the Aegean and the aromas from the bushes will leave you speechless. You can also have a close view looking east, you will see Makares island and further away Donousa island.

LYGARIDIA beach is 2 km away and the unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea give the traveler the opportunity to relax.

Within 2 km you meet the

KANAKI settlemen with PSILI AMMOS beach is a spellbinding beach on the southeastern coast, 7 Km away from Moutsouna. Psili Ammos is spread before a juniper tree forest and offers a view of neighboring Koufonissi. The beach here is covered with fine sand and its waters are crystal-clear and shallow. It is ideal for tranquility and relaxation.

Within 4.5 Km you meet the

KLEIDOS beach (is approximately 12 Km away from Moutsouna). Basic characteristics of the place are: the sandy beach, the crystalline clear light blue waters with a wonderful sea bottom, the little coves formed by the cliffs all around and the few salt cedars that complete the setting. Across the sea you can enjoy the view of Koufonisia.

PANERMOS beach is 17 kilometers away from Moutsouna, at the southeast of the island with asphalt road all the way. The route to get there is the finest presentation of the Naxos’ wild nature beauty! It is another Naxian hidden gem and the quietest beach of the island with superb scenery worth the long distance when you swim into the green waters and relax under the palm trees. Panormos is a scenic secluded cove with golden sandy beach and tranquil atmosphere. Its transparent blue and green waters will fascinate you.

Naxos Beaches


In 10min walking on Panormos beach you can also see the traces of the prehistoric acropolis at Korfari of Amigdalies which was situated on a low hill close to the beach. This monument has been declared historic and preserved. Above the hill there are remains of houses, walls and deserted buildings from a very old settlement. Acropolis is early Cycladic and dates back to the end of the 3rd millennium B.C. It was discovered in 1963 by the archaeologist Mr. Christos Ntoumas – an excavation leader in Akrotiri of Santorini for many successive years.

Across the sea the scenery is magnificent of the nearby islands Koufonisia, Irakleia and Amorgos and the view is gorgeous.

AGIASOS beach at the southwest of Naxos Island, at a distance of 15.3 Km from ELaiolithos with asphalt road all the way. It is a long sandy beach, a serene landscape combined with the infinite blue of the Aegean. You should definitely visit it and swim in the crystal clear waters especially if you are tired of the fuss of the popular beaches. Here there are many taverns with traditional dishes.

Naxos Beaches


RO beach is about 1 Km further down towards the road to Pyrgaki. It is a beautiful and quiet small bay, not organized, but offers ample opportunity to relax and unwind. During August it becomes very popular and it’s advisable you arrive early in the morning to find a good spot.

Naxos Beaches


Within 1.5 Km you meet the

Pyrgaki – one of the best beaches on Naxos, a superb and very long sandy, clean beach with clear blue water in a very quiet and peaceful area.  Sand dunes and cedar trees create an idyllic setting, ideal for leisurely swimming and romantic sunsets overlooking Irakleia and Ios.

From here you can go to any of the popular beaches:

Alyko is a beach with an outstanding beauty of soft white sand and clear turquoise water.

Naxos Beaches


Kedrodasos Alykou beach – this is a stunning sandy beach that combines unique cedar forests with majestic high sand dunes. The forest has been declared a protected area and the overall landscape is both awe-inspiring and exotic. Even the ghostly remains of an abandoned building complex on its southern tip can’t detract from its splendor. It is ideal for nature lovers.

Naxos Beaches

Kedrodasos Alykou

Glifada is an enormous beach surrounded by big sand dunes with tall shady juniper trees. Oskelos hill is right behind, giving amazing views of the entire bay.

Hawai – a tranquil and un-spoilt beach

Kastraki beach is a very long and lovely beach with white and golden soft sand. It is a quiet place ideal for tranquil holidays in Naxos.

Mikri Vigla is an incredibly beautiful beach with soft golden sand and crystalline turquoise waters. A must visit beach while in Naxos

Naxos Beaches

Mikri Vigla

Parthena – experience the wind and the waves of the Aegean Sea. It is an internationally famous for windsurf and kitesurf riding because of the “meltemi’ wind that blows in the area

Sahara is an endless sandy beach with amazing crystal waters

Orkos – a beautiful secluded sandy beach 1 Km long with unique natural beauty that is found nowhere else on Naxos. Orkos is a true gem of Naxos because of the way the sharp rocks plunge into the sea forming cute coves. This beach is simply adored by nature enthusiasts. You will be amazed by the water’s clarity and its beautiful blue and turquoise pallet.

Plaka, Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios– all four are the most famous and popular sandy beaches of Naxos Island.

Naxos Beaches

Agia Anna

KALADOS bay is considered the pearl of the South of Naxos, and it is 23.7 Km away from ELaiolithos via Filoti village, with asphalt road all the secluded way. On your way there you will meet the second reference point of Naxos after the Portara, the imposing Chimaros Tower of 15 m tall today, although its original height was 17m, constructed in the 4th century B.C.

Naxos Beaches


It is an unspoilt natural, sheltered leeward bay, with a golden beach and turquoise waters. The beach starts from sea and runs up to meet a natural lake surrounded by reed. There is a chance to meet goats, pigs, dogs and other animals walking round the path to the beach. From the beach you can see the houses across Irakleia island. Kalados is an amazing oasis in the middle of nowhere, or actually in the middle of the most beautiful far off original landscape of the center of the Cyclades, Naxos.

Naxos Beaches

Agios Sozos

Inaccessible but worth a visit and greatly suggested by excursions and sailing boats are the breathtaking spots of the Askitis Cave, the amazing and unspoiled Agios Sozos and the charming Rena beaches with enchanting settings and crystal clear waters right to the bottom.

Naxos Beaches

Agios Prokopios

Swim in Naxos and enjoy picture-perfect seashore and crystal clear waters! Each year, certain beaches on Naxos receive Blue Flag Certification, an exclusive eco-label awarded to beaches that meet certain criteria including water quality and safety.

Catch the Mediterranean sun with swimming either to cosmopolitan tourist crowded sea fronts or to natural unknown and virgin spots

Naxos has it all…..