This creation at the entrance of the ELaiolithos is dedicated to my kids, Dennis, Giovanna and MichaelNicholas, who are the best children a mom could hope for; happy, loving, and fun to be with. Fundamentally what I love to do is create, so it’s wonderful watching them grow!

Elaiolithos Our DNA

What makes a hotel unique?

It’s always the story behind, along with great location and services. For us, it is always personal.

About ELaiolithos in Naxos

About Elaiolithos in Naxos

Mother Nature is at the center of your holiday experience at ELaiolithos.

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A Sustainable Philosophy


Enjoy the story behind ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat in Naxos. A personal story.

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ELaiolithos – Sifones – Fanari – Apeiranthos

ELaiolithos is an establishment that blends gracefully with its spectacular surroundings.

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Think Green

Think Green

ELaiolithos’ core value could not be other than “think green” by being environmentally conscious.

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Elaiolithos Artshop

Discover the gem of the Naxian Hinterland… with paths of culture in the incredibly picturesque Chalkio (Halki) village in Naxos, Greece.

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