Одинокие путешественники

For travelers planning a trip on their own and searching for “the true sense”

We make your solo travel experience very easy, both logistically and psychologically

Guests of all ages, millennials, Gen Z, in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 80s are extremely common at ELaiolithos. We weave all your personal experience with little secrets and a sprinkle of magic!

It’s our mindset, and actions that provide a great atmosphere and the feeling of security to our solo guests, who should never feel lonely. You can mingle with the locals, or be on your own whenever you choose to explore the destination’s best attractions and traditional villages.

How we see the world here? For us life is all about the experiences, about spreading happiness and healthiness from this new sustainable corner of the world! Our aspiration at ELaiolithos is to inspire people to experience and appreciate an authentic living through simplicity, peace, quality and uniqueness which will allow them to reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness. Here smiles start conversations that lead to stories which reflect on personalities that make friends and friends make authentic memories. There is a difference between a genuine smile and a social one. ELaiolithos creates genuine and authentic smiles through personalized surprises, fun moments and local adventures without compromising guests’ comfort and luxury.

Solo Travelers

Naxos’ hinterland is more appealing to solo travelers than you may think!

Don’t you feel comfortable traveling outside of your comfort zone? Your staying at ELaiolithos ensures complete safety of the body and the soul. It’s an experience that will enrich your life and open your mind to new discoveries about the world and yourself. With us the fear of the unknown becomes a passion to explore! You will meet and socialize with not only the locals but also other travelers, have meaningful conversations and exchange ideas that will broaden your sense of existence and consequently of the world. We offer an equal opportunity to everyone to feel real and genuine connection through Greek hospitality and appreciation for Naxos’ authentic culture and mainland.

ELaiolithos is perfect for solo travelers and an inspiration to all! We take pride in showing you what Naxian hospitality & quality is all about!

Procrastinate, close your eyes, breathe, imagine the feeling of such an experience and do not hesitate to book that flight and stay! Traveling solo is fantastic! Do you have questions like: Will I’ll be safe? What route should I follow? Who will take photos of me? Which mountains should I climb and which path to follow? Which ancient ruins to uncover and hiking routes to explore? Naxos Island is indeed the ultimate Greek island alternative adventure destination.

Solo Travelers

We are here to subvert the common expectations. We master the art of solo travel by offering you a plethora of possibilities and we’re there to take a photo of you or with you. We’re fostering opportunities for you to see Naxos through a local eye. Authenticity is our core. We know that without authenticity, the culture, character and life of a destination is erased and losses its uniqueness. At ELaiolithos we aspire this value of uniqueness through multiple actions. Meeting new people, socializing with locals in different villages, creating beautiful and genuine friendships, understanding the way they interact with each other, learning from what it means to live inside of another culture and to adapting into it, having fun with them, eating and drinking in the same places as they do, being treated to a home meal or being taken to a favorite local hangout, mingling with their families, feeling this inspiring reality that never leaves the destination. Most importantly, the human connections you will make here are pure bliss, as you will become part of the culture.

We offer stress-free solo travel experiences

Solo Travelers

If you’re looking for a “relaxury” trip that combines “relaxation with luxury” ELaiolithos is a magical place ideal for self-reflection for solo travelers to relax, reflect and recharge. While spending your time at ELaiolithos you become a lot more aware of your surroundings, more observant, you find yourself, enjoy your own company, become more self-confident, develop your knowledge, notice small details and reflect on your discoveries. Enjoy cooking classes, guided hikes, day trips, visits to organic farmland, cycling, hiking and walking to get around the verdant olive grove hills and villages surrounding the retreat. Enjoy endless mountain vistas and appreciate nature from your own grand porch. This is an unbeatable picturesque setting with the serene melody of the crickets and goat bells. Eat healthy, drink great local wine, homemade crafted cocktails and amazing smoothies, hang out with locals or even join local events — so much more than a simple trip. Be ready for surprises as the allure and beauty of this unspoiled spot of the world unfolds for you and boosts your happiness threshold.

Eat with intention seasonally and sustainably: Eating seasonally in the mountains of Naxos lowers your carbon footprint and supports our small-scale local producers. We ensure your access to good, clean, rustic, regional, farm-to-table and traditional meals. This means high-quality ingredients, sustainable and green agricultural practices, and accessible prices. Here we offer you the opportunity to engage with food in a deeper way and educating yourself about the mountainous Naxian cultivation, production food methods, sustainable and organizing farming, culture and nutritional value of your meals. We gather, prepare and eat fresh home-cooked meals with the intention of learning through local interaction in a mutually beneficial way which brings us together. By understanding people’s differences, we can understand more of our own. Here the words Local, Seasonal and Sustainable are not just culinary buzzwords but the main ingredients in everything we do. At ELaiolithos, creativity and a passion for food are always on the menu. Our crew, field and farm producers are all locals which clearly support sustainability and create the best content.

Solo Travelers

Guests Really Matter to Us! If you travel with intention, and an urge to experience revitalizing holidays which become remarkable memories, the ELaiolithos offers you an authentic travel experience along with all the comforts of a home, the indulgences of a luxury hotel, and the authenticity of a Greek destination!

We Turn Trips into Experiences!

Are you inspired to travel to Naxos? Your journey begins here…. Just make your booking, pack your bags, arrive safely and leave the rest on us – you won’t regret it!

Let’s spend some unique moments together….