Традиции, Непревзойденная Роскошь и Подлинность в самом сердце острова Наксос, Греция, ждут вас.

Отличное Качество Подъема и Сна

One of our superior vantage point and fact….

At a time when we all dream of wide open spaces and freedom, discover with us the world of ELaiolithos. Have you heard of “fresh air therapy”? The ideal way to escape, to breathe, to wake up. ELaiolithos is located on an exceptional natural site in Naxos island at an Elevation of ~ 500 meters (1,640 feet) Altitude. Every deep breath of air you take here provides more oxygen molecules to your body which have great health benefits.

If you are serious about prioritizing your health, even while traveling, then

ELaiolithos is not just a resort but a destination itself, it’s an experience!

Prioritizing Good Sleep Is Good Self Love

Living is much healthier at the ideal elevation. Ιmagine a place where you’d be and feel just all-around healthier. There is such a place – anyplace with mountains – and in Naxos island it is named ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat. The only resort tucked away in the highlands of Naxos. Recent studies have indicated that there are definite health benefits, mental and physiological, to living at such an altitude. Our guest feedback highly points out Elaiolithos’ therapeutic natural setting. They often mention how well they sleep and breathe at night. Even those who have difficulty sleeping are able to sleep all through the night very peacefully, and much longer, waking up very refreshed and rejuvenated. Guests have also commented on our excellent mattresses which they attribute to the reason they believe they sleep so well every night during their stay. Yes, we do have new and amazing mattresses but it’s not only that; guests sleep well because of the effects ideal-altitude has on their sleep and respiratory system. Sleep is the golden chain that ties the body and health together.

ELaiolithos’ Ideal Elevation of ~500 meters Is Extremely Beneficial for One’s Health. This is Another Amazing mystique for Our Guests”

Ideal altitude affects sleep and cardiac output, which is the other determinant of oxygen delivery. The human body breathes easier and absorbs more oxygen between the 450 -550 meters altitude. ELaiolithos’ altitude at 500 meters is ideal for the human body. Living at this altitude even for a few days boosts mental health and sleep quality.

ELaiolithos is a mountain retreat which means, by being up here for a few days, your lungs have a chance to breathe in oxygen that is free of gas or air pollution, and that leads to a healthier heart and helps with respiratory problems as well as easier breathing for asthma. Your exposure to that cool refreshing clean air, and prevalent mountain scents, decreases stress and promotes a better night’s sleep. More sleep and less stress are two of the most important ingredients to overall good health. By breathing this air, the number of tiny blood vessels called capillaries that deliver blood to individual muscle cells appear to increase which result in more oxygen absorbed and an improvement of daily performance.

Scientists’ Latest Studies and Findings

Latest studies have found by looking closely at the blood of people after returning from vacation in mountain destinations around the world and/or hiking, the body adapts to the elevation as soon as overnight and the person sleeps very peacefully at this 500 meter elevation. One week in the mountains can change your blood for months. Elevation contributes to a larger chest capacity, and therefore a person is capable of taking in more oxygen which is delivered to the tissues. The body has more red blood cells and greater lung expansion capability than before. Within just a few days, the amount of air which the lungs can breathe in and out increases. In some research studies, this volume has doubled. Also, brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin increase which play a significant role in good mood-boosting.

Other Benefits for you when you stay at ELaiolithos’ tranquil environment:

  • You enjoy a well-integrated experience.
  • The organic architecture is breathtaking, spacious, eco-sensitive suites.
  • Luxe and isolated island escape. You get the best of both worlds meaning enjoy the benefits of comfort, luxury accommodation, mesmerizing views, and good quality of sleep..
  • You’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of the mountains. Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and constantly encountering different sounds, birds’ singing, smells, cicadas noises, and distinct melodies of goats’ bells trigger the brain differently than city sounds which all act to soothe your nerves.
  • You drink fresh spring water coming from Mountain Fanari above Moni village. This is our source of fresh tap water.
  • The sight of mountain Zeus and the pyramid-shaped range mountains offer you a sense of inner peace, relaxation, and calmness. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, you’ll feel better from day one. The huge ravine below the retreat, along with the surrounding mountains, have a rich variety of flora and fauna and they act as a therapeutic landscape. This mountain air is also filled with beneficial secondary metabolites that come from the abundance of plants and trees all around. Especially the terpenes metabolites which provide plants with their distinct aromas while also providing a range of health benefits for humans. For example, lavender and oregano commonly found around here, have shown to promote good sleep.
  • Here you disconnect from the “material” and you connect with each other and with mother Nature. Being in nature has been found to relieve stress.
  • Brings you a sense of calmness that you may not feel in your daily life. Spending time at 500 meters elevation and eating fresh gourmet seasonal locally sourced food, from farm to table, can actually increase your metabolic rate. Dining here is a special experience with a menu that features local organic produce and sustainable cuisine.
  • Admire the inspiring scenery that highlights the importance of slowing down, and bonding with family, friends and/or us.

There are many reasons why you may want to plan your next getaway or vacation in ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat. If you’re thinking of escaping the city life and want to immerse yourself in an island and nature, consider going to stay in the mountains. Naxos is the only Cycladic island with such a large hinterland. Anyway, the ELaiolithos’  ideal geographic location in the heart of Naxos, makes it a convenient base for exploring the surrounding areas, and also offers you the opportunity to explore the rest of the island from all sides at ease. Within 20 minutes you find yourself in any beach you like, north, west, east, or south. This is another advantage of this location, because it is the only spot in the island that you can come and go from three different roads-directions. Usually in the Cycladic islands, you go to one place and also return from the same road.

Come feel the sun on your back and on your face. Come and see nature in its most raw beauty. Breathe! The mountains are the perfect place to retreat on your next vacation to Naxos, to commune with nature. There are various healthy activities to do during your stay here. The area is great for hiking where you see a lot of monuments and attractions as well.

Do you know that awesome feeling when you get into bed, fall right to sleep, sleep all through night, and wake up feeling refreshed?


Let the stars light the way

to where your dreams can be found

awaiting your arrival!

We’re here for you!