A True Eco-Luxury Green Sustainable Experience awaits - Only 16+ Age Allowed.

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Art Of Living

A Gift of the Gods to the Visitor!

A fairy tale oasis in the very center of Naxos island, Greece; a True Eco-Luxury Experience

Welcome to ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat Hotel   

ELaiolithos boasts luxury suites in one of the most enchanting spots of Naxos island, Greece. A green Eco-friendly hotel retreat defined by nature, tradition and hospitality that combines subtle elegance and luxury with sustainability. A holiday hideaway with character and soul dives you into the experience. Enjoy wonderful views and a calm and tranquil atmosphere at an altitude of 500 meters.

Good Travel Scan Achievement!

The “ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat” hotel has been committed to follow the ten criteria of the Good TravelScan program launched by Good Travel Guide. The Good Travel Guide is a trademark of Green Destinations BV, The Netherlands.

Good TravelScan program launched by Good Travel Guide
Gold Award Zero Waste Sustainability ELaiolithos

Zero Waste Award for ELaiolithos

ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat Hotel & Restaurant has been honored with a prestigious Gold Award for ZERO WASTE, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility for the Community and the Environment! On July 20, 2023, ELaiolithos received the 1st Gold Distinction Award during the 1st Meeting of the Zero Waste HoReCa Awards Committee held in Athens, Greece.

Spectacular Concept Luxury Suites

Oraia ELeni (Helen of Troy) Luxury Suite

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Ariadne & Dionysus Suite

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Fanari Suite

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Zas Cave Suite

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Emery Luxury Suite

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A Premium Local Gastronomic Experience

Dining with stunning views, at ELaiolithos – a VIBRANT CULINARY JOURNEY through Naxos’ food culture awaits you.

Enjoy Unparalleled Organic Food and Drinks

Immerse yourself in the most enchanting views of Naxos and get to know our region in the most beautiful way – through our local cuisine with regional products, sourced within a 5 Km distance only, and our “field to fork cuisine” philosophy for AUTHENTIC PLEASURE – Pure Traditional Local dishes for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Signature Drinks, the Best Cheeses, Wine and Fruits. Responsible Enjoyment – An Eating Experience for All Your Senses.

The Great Outdoors

Experience the nature and local activities around ELaiolithos, Gold Award Hikers Friendly Hotel

ELaiolithos is a destination itself, and has a lot to offer even for the most discerning travelers. You’re around many activities, the best walks & hikes, and cycling destinations in Naxos. Stay, explore, and discover the charm of the island’s mainland, and enjoy the mountains restful moments.

Hiking & Cycling

Naxos island is a hiking paradise. It’s the only Cycladic island with such large mainland and highlands.

Picturesque Villages

To really feel the authenticity of Naxos, one needs to head to the villages. To uncover Naxos’ past, wealth, and raw way of living.

Food & Culture

Naxos is amongst the top gastronomical destinations of Cyclades and all of Greece; its cuisine is considered one of the healthiest ones.


Naxos has managed to hold intact its traditional character and culture, which stands out as amazing, astounding, and downright breathtaking.

Enjoy a Great Sleep Quality at ELaiolithos

Breathe! If you’re serious prioritizing your health even when traveling, then ELaiolithos’ location offers you an amazing sleep quality experience.
ELaiolithos’ therapeutic raw natural setting at an altitude of ~500 meters (1,640 ft) – the ideal elevation for the human body, has a positive impact on guests sleep experience. Sleep peacefully through out the night and much longer, and get up restored, refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated. We ensure you enjoy great nights sleep!

Naxos Island

A majestic island in Cyclades, Greece with numerous sightseeing, beaches and villages to explore and experience.