Sustainable Luxury Green Villa Suites in Naxos

ELaiolithos is an eco friendly sustainable luxury green villa suites in Naxos island that has been built with bioclimatic and local stone and marble materials to minimize its impact on the natural environment. Its sustainability blooms right from inception and comes along with luxury to offer a seamless high-end eco-friendly experience. Immerse yourself in the culture of Naxos island, while enjoying the delights of modern comforts.

ELaiolithos is here to tell you that sustainability can go hand-in-hand with comfort and style even when you travel in the mountains of a Greek Cycladic island

The ELaiolithos Luxury Villa Suites have been committed to follow the ten criteria of the Good TravelScan program launched by Good Travel Guide.

The Good Travel Guide is a trade mark of Green Destinations BV, The Netherlands.  

Good TravelScan program launched by Good Travel Guide

  • Adherence to the principles of Sustainable Tourism is a key priority for the ELaiolithos Luxury Villa Suites in Naxos, which is not simply a sustainable destination, but an accommodation where Sustainability and Authenticity are felt from the first glance. With 100% transparent sustainable practices, a strict focus on quality, and genuine hospitality, ELaiolithos emphasizes:
  • Care for the local community and environment
  • Love and care for nature
  • Respect for the scenery and surrounding landscape
  • Support and promotion of local handmade arts and products
  • Environmentally friendly tourism activities
  • Good health and well-being of all visitors, guests, employees, and locals.

The traditional elements that decorate the themed suites give life to the area and tell stories about traditions of the old times. Every luxury suite offers a different sustainable experience!  ELaiolithos broadcasts the island’s identity, local art, history, and scenery, uses local handloom woven textiles, combines gastronomy with sustainability by providing produce that comes exclusively from a 5 Km distance, and makes Naxos culture and its local environment a part of its story. With every decision we make at ELaiolithos, we show that we care about our guests, and we respect the environment and its surroundings.

A Natural Philosophy

ELaiolithos is an aroma of well being itself without flavor enhancers

ELaiolithos’ Sustainable Practices

ELaiolithos proves that luxury can coexist with respect for the environment, even on a remote Greek island. Experience a luxurious green lifestyle at our villa suites nestled in the heart of Naxos. Harmonizing with nature, we showcase innovative energy-saving features, ensuring an eco-friendly luxury experience without compromise.

A Natural Philosophy

Some of ELaiolithos’ Sustainable and Eco friendly Practices are:

  • More than 90% of construction came from local earthy materials, such as local stone and Naxian marble. Everything in the hotel is designed with sustainability in mind
  • ELaiolithos is a member of the Eco-Tourism Greece, of the Zero Waste Program Greece, and has a Gold Award as a Hikers Friendly Hotel
  • All suites feature organic cotton sheets and locally hand-loomed, 100% cotton textiles.
  • Only Non-Smoking Rooms
  • We offer locally harvested, farm-to-table food, including fruits, vegetables, olive oil, olives, wine, and honey, all produced on our farms. All sourced ingredients come exclusively from within a 5 km radius of the premises, ensuring the freshest local organic food and conserving energy.
  • We use LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs because LED’s have the lowest carbon footprint, last 5-20 times longer and are safe (the compact fluorescent light bulbs all contain mercury, a hazardous heavy metal)
  • Turning leftovers for Livestock. All leftover edible food is given to the livestock locals for their animal feeding on a daily basis
  • Use sensors and/or timers for areas that are infrequently used
  • Use of Energy efficient appliances
  • Use of solar energy to cover hot water requirements (24 hour hot water)
  • Every suite’s decoration reflects its legend, history and tradition with its handmade art by local artists
  • Warm feel of natural earthy materials are used. All bathrooms and counter tops are no exception. Every one is different and is made in the old-fashioned cement mortar style in which only natural materials are used. The so-called cement mortar is an absolutely natural, 100% eco-friendly and bio-climatic material without any chemical substances added and it’s based on natural stones as its constituents are the theraine earth, limestone, quartz sand and kerammala. It gives distinctive elegant aesthetics to the bathrooms and counter tops, with its most important parameter to be the excellent result, both visual, functional and emotional – a relaxed ambiance that embraces traditional elegance and contemporary style. The pressed mortar cement is a 100% Greek eco-friendly product with decades of history and was first used in the Cycladic islands.
  • Use of recycled and non-chlorinated paper
  • Use of eco-friendly chemical-free cleaning products. Everything is cleaned with nontoxic Green Seal products
  • Organic eco friendly bath amenities and toiletries
  • Bathrooms have low-flow faucets, and shower heads. Water consumption is reduced by installing: toilets with specific flushing toilet mechanisms of pressure to increase and decrease the amount of water flow in each tap.
  • Use of non-disposable and durable service items, dishes, and cutlery in hotel restaurant as well as inside every room
  • ELaiolithos’ ideal central location in the mainland of Naxos island provides the opportunity to its guests for more enjoyable green and eco-friendly experiences through: less carbon emissions in the air, meaningful connections with local people, a greater understanding of the local culture, and the social and environmental issues of the area.
  • Use natural tap water from the natural water spring of the adjacent village of Moni
  • Provides activities for physically challenged people
  • Our personnel are locals
  • Breakfast is served à la carte with only local produce from 5 Km distance
  • Offer local experiences such as working in the field with locals, visiting the fields to experience how the organic produce is grown and harvested, olive picking season, wine making, hand loom weaving classes, cooking classes, local history lessons, Astro tourism lessons.
  • We support our island. Putting money back into our community helps locals survive the year and ensure they’ll still be around when you visit again. That’s sustainable for us.
  • Visits to the protected juniper forest in Alyko – one of Greece’s largest and densest juniper forests & protected areas Natura 2000

ELaiolithos protects its cultural heritage, and supports the local community. Our Mission is Responsible Tourism because we believe Nature is the world, the sponsor and the teacher of human abundance, and those that travel the world also care about it. We proactively researching and incorporating the greenest sustainable options possible in everything we do.

Why do people like staying at a Sustainable Villa Suites?

A Natural Philosophy

The world awakens environmentally, and today’s tourists travel responsibly, and prefer sustainable and eco friendly destinations that take initiatives to protect and preserve the environment. People want to live in an authentic way, invest in meaningful experiences rather than things, and they’re looking for sustainable holiday destinations. Green travel is about moral travel. Choosing a sustainable hotel improves the quality of their lives, protects the ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for future generations. They know more than ever that travel green and sustainably is beneficial for the business, for the environment, and for all the people.

Travelers today want authenticity, purpose, and genuine sustainable hospitality instead of formulaic service. ELaiolithos in Naxos, Greece guarantees true sustainability, commitment, transparency, and supports the experience. It sees luxury as being rooted in a combination of sustainable practices, quality, comfort and elegance, alongside an element of scarcity, authenticity and distinctiveness.

ELaiolithos tells a story – culture, tradition and local environment is a part of its story – and connects its visitors to the location. What more one could possible want but to stay in a luxury green sustainable suite in a Greek Cycladic island?

Which is our most sustainable practice?

Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in our daily lives. From waste management to ensuring zero plastic use and repurposing leftovers for local livestock, each action enhances the overall experience. This commitment isn’t just business; it’s our way of harmoniously coexisting with nature. Through seamless environmental integration, we express genuine care for guests and the planet, aspiring to a future where humanity and nature thrive in harmony.

Our most sustainable practices include:

  • Solar Energy Utilization: We harness solar energy through the use of solar panels for hot water, ensuring continuous energy savings 24/7.
  • Self-Sustainable Farming: We cultivate our own produce, promoting “Clean Eating” and offering Naxian seasonal delicacies crafted exclusively from locally sourced ingredients. Our commitment aligns with the Slow Food Philosophy, emphasizing sustainable local organic food. By growing and producing items on-site, we not only save resources and reduce our environmental impact but also prioritize health, resulting in fresh and delightful flavors. Our farms and fields yield organic fruit, vegetables, wine, olive oil, goat milk, and the finest cheeses on the island.
  • Supporting Local Artisans: We contribute to the local community by exclusively purchasing from artisans within a 1 Km distance. This includes cotton textiles crafted by local women, using 100% loom weaving techniques, and various art and crafts.
  • Zero Plastic Use: We are committed to environmental responsibility by completely avoiding the use of plastic in our operations.

  • Leftovers for Livestock: Our sustainability extends to waste management, as we repurpose leftovers by providing them to local livestock.

ELaiolithos is a Green Building with Sustainable Architecture

Elaiolithos Naxos philosophy

ELaiolithos stands as a testament to green building principles. Constructed with eco-friendly materials, every aspect of its creation, from construction to energy and waste management, was meticulously designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment and preserve the surrounding ecosystem. The vision of a sustainable villa complex with suite units was carefully conceptualized, avoiding the allure of modern architecture in favor of creating a building with its own unique character, style, and soul.

Inspired by Mother Nature and the spirituality of the region, the eco-friendly structure was planned with meticulous attention to detail. The objective was not only to harmonize with the charm of the surroundings but also to reflect the inherent preciousness of the environment. Recognizing the energy inherent in the region, great care was taken to choose sustainable materials that enhance this impression. The incorporation of Cycladic-style architecture, characterized by a genuine respect for the environment, further emphasizes our commitment to the surrounding nature.

Every building material at ELaiolithos is sourced from the abundant natural resources of Naxos Island and utilized judiciously. The primary construction element comprises natural stones sourced from the local quarries of Moni village. This commitment to nature extends to intricate details, featuring eco-friendly sustainable mortar cement bathrooms, accents of Naxian marble, meticulously crafted beds, and traditional handwoven loom textiles. Each element not only embodies comfort and luxury but also seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, harmonizing with the Cycladic aura that defines ELaiolithos.

ELaiolithos is a sustainable architectural marvel, harmonizing with the local environment, climate, and culture to create a safe, healthy space for living and working.

ELaiolithos’ sustainable villa suites have been committed to their ecological ethos from the very start

Committed to responsible and eco-friendly tourism, ELaiolithos engages the local community positively, blending tradition with sustainable amenities. Guests connect with nature, their inner selves, and with us for a unique experience.

Because for us holidays in a Sustainable suite in an Eco friendly way is the Real Luxury!