ELaiolithos – Sifones – Fanari – Apeiranthos

A unique experience of walking through forests, streams, then to mountain tops while ending to the beautiful village of Apeiranthos.

You start from inside the village of Moni (just above ELaiolithos) and then half of it walks you through luscious nature, streams and shady places. Than, as this is not beautiful enough, the same route changes to a mountain path. You find yourself walking upwards to the mountain top, experiencing great vistas as you hike higher.

Then it changes again. From the mountain top you see your final destination. That is no other than the famous village of Apeiranthos. Hiking towards the village provides you with different majestic views to the other side of the island and of the Aegean sea.

The village of Apeiranthos is an experience not to miss. Take photos and then rest at the village square to enjoy refreshments, snacks or lunch. You can take the same path backwards or take a different one starting from Apeiranthos, ending up to Moni village.

Level: Moderate to Demanding

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Recommended Seasons: All year round except very windy days