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Luxury Holiday in Harmony with Nature

At 500 meters above sea level, there’re 500 reasons to be here….

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Serenely designed with a touch of sophistication, ELaiolithos’ luxury suites epitomize Naxos’ island allure and Cycladic charm. Thoughtfully furnished for a romantic retreat, our imposing suites have character, offer spacious elegance, artistic interiors, stunning sweeping vistas and a genuine connection to the local ambiance, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

Captivating and sumptuous, our spacious luxury suites are enriched with indulgent eco-friendly amenities, handcrafted local accents, bespoke paintings, and charming furnishings, complemented by traditional loom-woven textiles. Each suite promises a distinctive and authentic local experience, inspired by the locale and individually decorated to ensure a unique stay—no two are alike.

Spectacular Concept Luxury Suites


Oraia ELeni (Helen of Troy) Luxury Suite

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Ariadne & Dionysus Suite

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Fanari Suite

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Zas Cave Suite

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Emery Luxury Suite

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Sustainable Cycladic architecture, crafted with bio-climatic principles and utilizing natural local stones, seamlessly harmonizes with the surrounding environment, embodying an ethos of invisible luxury, comfort, and simplicity. Both inside and outside, the use of stones fosters a sense of continuity, connecting the premises with the landscape. Every element has been meticulously chosen to facilitate a unified transition from outdoors to indoors. These choices reflect the comfort, privacy, romantic ambiance, and modern flair of ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat. Here, you can simply relax and rejuvenate amid peaceful surroundings, perfect for romantic stargazing nights.

Revealing a Cycladic retreat where the sun radiates warmth and the welcomes are even warmer, ELaiolithos emerges as a destination that provides an unparalleled connection to all that Naxos has to offer. Close to key attractions and monuments on the island, it exudes its own charm, boasting a distinctive style, character, and personality within a lush green landscape—nestled in the greenest area in Naxos and the entire Cyclades.

Local aroma is everywhere – each luxury suite offers a unique experience, with no two alike.

Embark on your Naxos holiday adventure from the moment ELaiolithos comes into view. The entire retreat seamlessly integrates with the region’s natural environment, history, topography, and geology, creating a harmonious connection. Each luxury suite is named after neighboring mountains, and its interior décor authentically embodies the elements of its themed name, providing visitors with a genuine sense of tradition, serenity, and relaxation.

Commence on a journey to a Greek island where your senses are destined to expand. Envision a private luxury accommodation dedicated to tranquility and balance, where every detail has been meticulously crafted with your experience in mind. Unwind amidst nature, a vibrant landscape, art, and history, truly feeling at home while collecting beautiful moments.

Drenched in romance, our luxury suites weave together comfort, creativity, and artistic allure, creating an idyllic haven for special moments and honeymoon escapes. Paired with a delectable menu, signature cocktails, breathtaking vistas, and an ambiance alive under the sky, ELaiolithos unfolds an enchanting romantic tale. Each morning, waking up in these captivating luxury suites becomes an unforgettable chapter, leaving you yearning for more.