Folklore Nights – Live Entertainment at ELaiolithos

Experience enchanting folklore nights at ELaiolithos, where traditional live music, authentic local cuisine, Greek wine, and lively dancing converge to immerse you in the rich culture, traditions, and customs of Naxos island.

Traditional Live Music Entertainment

With a culture that’s friendly, joyous, and vibrant, it’s only natural for us to immerse our visitors in the local vibes and make them feel like locals themselves. ELaiolithos serves as a “destination within the destination,” offering authentic local experiences that are a reference point for travelers. After all, tourism is about experiencing the tastes, smells, sights, and human connections that make each destination unique.

ELaiolithos utilizes the authentic elements of mountainous Naxos to create unique experiences for its visitors

The hosting experience at ELaiolithos revolves around the “Feel like a Local” concept. Our sustainable approach supports and promotes the local community, local cuisine, environmental respect and sustainability, as well as the preservation of culture, customs, and traditions.

live music

To immerse visitors in local customs and traditions, allowing them to truly experience the spirit of Naxos and enhance their overall travel experience, ELaiolithos hosts folklore nights that delve deep into the heart of the community.

Greek food, wine, and dance are the highlights of our local folklore evenings

“Paradosi” is the Greek word for tradition, which passes on from one generation to the next. The folklore nights at ELaiolithos offer to attendees through live music and food to feel the meaning of “parea” which is the Greek word for authentic human connection. These live folklore evenings are a treasure trove for getting knowledge of the local culture, a first-hand experience that represents respect for our culture and the preservation of our identity.

Who can attend these folklore evenings?

Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to be a guest at ELaiolithos to join in the festivities. These lively music evenings are open to all, including outside visitors.

Admission is free – you only pay for what you order from our menu.

When these folklore nights are taking place?

Folklore nights at ELaiolithos, take place twice a week.

Every Wednesday and Sunday, starting at 9:30 pm and have a duration of 2.5 hours approximately

Folklore Nights

What visitors can expect in folklore evenings?

Expect to achieve “kefi” – a sense of high spirits and relaxation that arises when one is happily transported by the moment and the surrounding company.

  • Immerse yourself in a cultural journey and savor the flavors of local gastronomy, featuring regional ingredients and authentic recipes. Indulge in Greek wines and craft cocktails sourced exclusively from the highlands of the island.
  • Meet locals and fellow visitors, forging connections as you join in the spirited singing and dancing, guided by the enchanting melody of the violin, just as the locals do.
  • Experience the vibrant sounds of Naxian live music, performed by talented local musicians showcasing various instruments. Laugh, dance, and socialize as you revel in the joyful atmosphere.

Arrive with an open mind and heart, and depart with a smile. There’s a unique blend of simplicity and luxury awaiting you in the world of ELaiolithos

Immerse yourself in live folklore evenings brimming with romance, authenticity, and genuine hospitality at ELaiolithos. These enchanting nights are an emotional journey filled with the flavors and imagery of Naxos, the destination you’ve chosen to explore.

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