Marmalade Classes Hands-on Experience in Naxos

We’re delighted to offer you one of our favorite classes, a marmalade making class. Capture the bright flavors of our seasonal fruit through the artisanal craft of cooking at ELaiolithos. Once you have learned the basics, the possibilities are endless! It’s a sociable, informative and fun class!

Marmalade Classes

We create an experience not just the class

We have a strong passion for our land, the seasons and its produce, and we want to show you the local lifestyle that keeps food waste to a minimum, as well as to provide you with delicious pantry items. Get in touch with the local culture while you travel. Learn about what constitutes a marmalade, and how that differs from a preserve, jam or jelly from our expert local baker who will demonstrate and teach you not only a basic recipe for a homemade marmalade, but also some of the principles and theory behind turning fruit and sugar into delicious marmalade.

Marmalade Classes

Learn how to:

  • Reduce waste from the trees and make the most of fruits
  • Transform the peel of a fruit into a delicious traditional fruit confection
  • Select the fruits
  • Shredding, cutting
  • Simmering, identifying the setting point
  • Sealing and storing your marmalade.
Marmalade Classes

Homemade marmalade simply tastes better

Learn something new… and enjoy eating it too!

You will make a marmalade with fresh seasonal organic fruits from our region and you will taste it. Everything you need will be provided. You’ll go home with your own jar of amazingly delicious marmalade! This is a one-to-one private class. Our fruits are organic from our own farm fields or from the region of Moni which is the most fertile region in Naxos and they come from a healthy soil without any pesticides or fertilizers used. Marmalade starts with good fruit! Our organic fruit is what makes the taste of our marmalades different from the rest!

If you’ve only ever tasted supermarket versions, you’ll be blown away by the difference between that and the real homemade marmalade. There’s nothing quite like hot buttered toasted bread topped with gorgeously tangy marmalade. If you love the idea of making your own marmalade at home, if you’re a baking fan or you have a sweet tooth, then this marmalade class is for you.

Marmalade Classes

This marmalade class is 100 euros per suite up to 2 persons, and includes:

  • A hands on cooking experience and demonstration
  • Light refreshments and local snacks will be served
  • Take home a jar of the marmalade you made
Marmalade Classes

You will also have the opportunity to test some of our very own marmalade varieties. A 10% discount will be offered on any additional purchases made for other marmalade varieties we have.

Marmalade Classes

No experience is necessary or chefy techniques expected – all are welcome. Anyone who loves marmalade will really enjoy this immersive marmalade class!