ELaiolithos Leads the Way to Zero Waste in Naxos

Zero waste principles are at the forefront of ELaiolithos, a pioneering and exclusive sustainable luxury travel initiative in the mountainous region of Naxos Island in the Cyclades, Greece. With a strong emphasis on responsible consumption practices, ELaiolithos is an accommodation that aims to minimize waste generation, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly experience for visitors seeking a zero waste destination in the Cyclades.


ELaiolithos Luxury Villa Suites & Restaurant has been honored with a prestigious Gold Award for ZERO WASTE, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility for the Community and the Environment with 95% of its operations being sustainable! On July 20, 2023, ELaiolithos received the 1st Gold Distinction Award during the 1st Meeting of the Zero Waste HoReCa Awards Committee held in Athens, Greece.

This event brought together 53 applicants from HoReCa businesses, and after thorough verifications, our commitment to sustainability and exemplary practices earned us this remarkable recognition.

Also, the members of the Committee chose three (3) HoReCa businesses, which – in their judgment and based on the data provided – stand out from the rest, and were awarded respectively with some symbolic cash prizes. ELaiolithos was one of the three also.

The Reasons – Why ELaiolithos won the Golden Distinction and the additional cash prize are

Gold Award Zero Waste Sustainability ELaiolithos

The ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat hotel unquestionably demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, luxury, and exemplary practices, including its zero waste program by: 

Being a Remarkable Hotel one-stop shop

It provides a multitude of exceptional experiences to its guests under one name, within a single establishment. Truly embodies the essence of authentic luxury on a Greek island, all in an eco-friendly manner. It’s a destination of choice for travelers seeking convenience, tranquility, adventure, cultural immersion, exquisite cuisine, breathtaking scenery, or simply a luxurious escape. ELaiolithos has it all.


Igniting a Renaissance in the Area

ELaiolithos is a trailblazing destination accommodation, the sole and inaugural hotel nestled in the mountains of Naxos that has played a vital role in reviving the  mountainous region of Naxos, revitalizing the area with renewed attention, rejuvenation, and economic growth. With its presence, unique diverse offerings and commitment to showcasing natural beauty and cultural heritage, ELaiolithos has become a catalyst for the region’s transformation, reinvigorating local businesses, promoting sustainable tourism, and fostering a sense of pride within the community.

The revival of the mountainous Naxos owes much to the vision and dedication of ELaiolithos, marking a remarkable chapter in the ongoing narrative of the region’s renaissance.

Nature Surroundings
Nature Surroundings

Prioritizing the Implementation of a Total Zero Waste Program

that includes strategies for waste reduction, recycling, reuse, as well as their exemplary food practices and commitment to local sourcing.  ELaiolithos sets a shining example for the hospitality industry.

Their commitment to a zero waste program demonstrates their genuine concern for the environment and their dedication to providing a luxurious experience without compromising sustainability.

Leftovers for Livestock
Leftovers for Livestock

Integrating Food Waste Reduction with the Philosophy of Slow Food: Its path to Zero Waste Success

ELaiolithos sources produce exclusively within a 5-kilometer distance, supporting the local economy and reducing emissions. Leftovers are responsibly given to local livestock benefiting the agricultural community.

Food for livestock
Food for livestock

Contributing to the Zero Waste Ethos with its Prime Location

Its central location in the heartland of the island offers visitors the opportunity to experience both worlds of the island: the enchanting mountains and the mesmerizing sea. This allows for effortless exploration of the entire island, thus contributing to savings in fuel, travel time, and the consumption of fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting a Zero Waste Lifestyle and Respecting the Environment

By implementing sustainable practices, such as bioclimatic design and the use of local materials, which effectively reduce energy consumption and minimize harm to the environment.

The themed suites not only celebrate tradition and storytelling but also establish a profound connection between visitors and the location, actively promoting cultural heritage and showcasing the island’s essence. By cultivating a strong bond with nature, ELaiolithos encourages visitors to develop a deep respect for the environment and motivates them to embrace the principles of zero waste.


Advancing Zero Waste Artistry

ELaiolithos embraces a zero waste philosophy by exclusively utilizing Greek cotton and supporting local loom weaving, empowering local women artists while minimizing environmental impact through the use of sustainable materials and local resourceful production practices.

Setting an Example as a True Leader in Sustainable Tourism for Others to Follow

For its perfect blend of eco-consciousness, holistic sustainability, transparency, quality, comfort, elegance, high aesthetics, authenticity, warm hospitality, distinctiveness, community engagement and support.

Recycling Waste
Recycling Waste

Having Unwavering Principles – The Inspiring Force Behind It All: The Role of the Owner of ELaiolithos: A Zero Waste Haven Embracing Naxos’ Spirit and Sustainability

ELaiolithos was  purposely constructed in Naxos’ heartland, aspiring to be more than a luxury Villa Suites —a sanctuary offering visitors an immersive journey into Naxos’ history and spirit, particularly for its mountainous side. Environmental stewardship and community contribution are deeply cherished, and aligning with the principles of zero waste.

Helen, the owner, the inspiration, and driving force behind this transformative endeavor, holds a profound affection and sentimental attachment to Naxos’ mountainous region, fostered during her 38 years abroad as a fellow traveler.

Helen Marakis
Helen Marakis

Influenced by her exposure to recycling and sustainable practices in New York, Helen’s adoration for the region has led ELaiolithos to adopt a sustainable approach to living, rooted in her family’s long-standing commitment to the sustainable lifestyle. By situating ELaiolithos in the heartland of Naxos, guests are provided with an opportunity to experience the authentic essence of the island while actively participating in and embracing a zero waste philosophy.

Naxos Heartland
Naxos Heartland

ELaiolithos strives to inspire firsthand experiences that immerse guests in Naxos’ history, culture, spirit, and heritage, inviting them to embrace the authentic local lifestyle while enjoying contemporary luxuries. Through this harmonious fusion of the past and present, ELaiolithos places a strong emphasis on humanity and the environment, remaining unwavering in its commitment to sustainable principles.

Your stay supports the mountainous region of Naxos. Witness the remarkable transformation that unfolds at ELaiolithos, where a single vision ignites a revolution of sustainability, leaving an indelible mark on Naxos’ future. AT 500 METERS ABOVE SEA LEVEL, THERE’RE 500 REASONS TO BE HERE….

Because vacationing in a sustainable suite in a Greek island in an Eco-friendly way is the Real Luxury!