ELaiolithos – Marble Quarries -Tsikalario – Apano Kastro (“Upper Castle”) – Chalkio

This is a route through one of Naxos’ most impressive landscapes ideal for hiking.

Meander through the sites of marble quarries toward Kinidaros village, the Geometric Era ancient Cemetery (Necropolis) and steep way up to the Apano Kastro “Upper Castle”, one of Naxos’s most impressive monuments (built by Venetians around middle of the 13th century) that stands imposingly over a rocky hill at an altitude of 420 meters with breath taking views to the valley and towards the sea. It was designed to provide housing and to function as the administrative center of the Duchy during the period of Venetian rule. The remains of the fort, of the huge Cyclopean wall with big stone blocks, the remains of a palace, a church and two cisterns carved into the rocks form a medieval like scenery that is quite theatrical.

A very scenic landscape of the Castle and the surrounding area, wild and enchanting, with geological interest: huge stone rocks of magmatite have amazing shapes, weird and unusual characteristics, making you to feel you are on the moon. It is a lunar-like landscape unforgettable for all its visitors with its geological formation being the most ancient and unique in the Cycladic region. The whole experience may feel as if you enter a time warp.

On your way back, you will encounter old footpaths that connected for centuries the nearby traditional villages and you will meet picturesque churches all along your hike.

  • Marble Quarries at 3.8 Km
  • Tsikalario at 7.5 Km
  • Apano Castro (Upper Castle) at 8.5 Km
  • Chalkio at 10.7 Km
Points of interest along route:
  • Byzantine Church of Agios Stefanos (12th- 13th c., Tsikalario)
  • Geometric Era Necropolis (9th-8th B.C)
  • Medieval Fortification of Apano Kastro
  • Byzantine Church of Agios Andreas, (13th- 14th c.)

Level: Moderate to Demanding

Duration: 4 hrs

Recommended Seasons: All year round except very windy days