Sustainable Farm to Table Philosophy

The culinary tradition of farm-to-table cuisine is deeply rooted in the Naxian mainland. Across the island, numerous restaurants and taverns cater to diverse budgets and tastes, delivering a delightful gastronomic experience. For those keen on off-the-beaten-track adventures with an authentic local touch, explore hidden sustainable gems offering delectable seasonal farm-to-table delights—an ideal haven for those who love food.

Naxos, Greece, stands as a gastronomic haven, abundant in exquisite produce and culinary delights. As a self-sufficient island, it not only caters to its own needs but also exports its bounty to mainland Greece and beyond. Internationally renowned for its Guinness Book-listed potatoes, distinctive aromatic cheeses, and exceptional meat quality, Naxos is a culinary gem awaiting exploration.

How does eating locally helps the environment?

Eating locally is essential in minimizing our carbon footprint, as local food travels shorter distances to reach our plate and therefore

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Less harmful greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere, resulting in reduced air pollution.
  • Fresher Food and Reduced Refrigeration: Ensures that your food hasn’t been refrigerated for hours or days, minimizing greenhouse gas production.
  • Nutrient Preservation and Less Spoilage: Food loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage due to shorter distribution chains.
  • Less Food Waste: Shorter distribution chains for local foods lead to less waste in distribution, warehousing, and merchandising.
  • Preservation of Farmland and Open Spaces: Helps local farms survive and thrive, preserving farmland and preventing development into natural areas.
  • Community Support and Economic Growth: Supporting local producers contributes to economic growth, job creation, and improved infrastructure within the community.
  • Soil Health: Encourages diversification of local agriculture, reducing reliance on monoculture and promoting soil health.

Consuming local produce today is an investment in the future of our community’s farms. This is crucial for long-term food security, considering the uncertainties in our energy future and our heavy reliance on fossil fuels for food production, packaging, transportation, and storage. Opting for locally grown food is not only environmentally friendly but also offers tangible benefits for consumers, growers, and the community at large. Choosing local options is a significant contribution to the overall health of our planet.

What are the benefits of farm to table?

Eating locally and seasonally, farm to table, means more nutrient density, plentiful probiotic produce, freshness, better taste and purity of food, wellness benefits, as well as taking care of the local environment .

Indulging in locally produced farm-to-table meals not only enhances your dining experience but also contributes to the well-being of our planet. Opting for restaurants committed to the farm-to-table philosophy benefits both the establishment and the dedicated local farmers. These restaurants gain access to delicious and fresh produce, while farmers receive well-deserved recognition for their hard work and a steady stream of business. Often, farm-to-table eateries foster close relationships with specific farmers, allowing them to request the cultivation of particular foods. This results in an exciting menu featuring unique and flavorful dishes that reflect the essence of the region.

Why Eating Locally is a must? Why farm to table is important?

Because of

  • better health. Pure soil eliminates pathogens at the farm level which helps reduce human illnesses. Eating locally promotes food safety, meaning better health.
  • eating locally and seasonally grown food is fresher, healthier and tastes better always, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore, loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage. It’s no secret that locally grown food is of higher quality, full of flavor, and tastes better.
  • higher nutrient value. The food that is grown and harvested locally is usually given more time to ripen. Eating local is not only tastier, it’s also healthier!
  • tasting new and better flavors. Eating locally farm-to-table food, stimulates variety. You discover interesting new foods, tasty new ways to prepare food, and a new appreciation of the pleasure of each season’s foods.
  • less waste or zero waste is used due to shorter distribution, less food is wasted in distribution, warehousing and merchandising, or there is not warehousing or merchandising at all.
  • eating locally supports local farmers, and boosts community’s economy because money stay in the local economy.
  • eating locally creates more vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers, and with friends.
  • the “Know the How To”, the local growers can tell you how the food was grown.
  • The attraction of tourists. The farm to tableeating locally and seasonally promotes agrotourism which helps draw tourists to the region.
  • eating locally grown food helps you develop a connection with food. You become more aware of what you’re putting in your body. You can read more here

  and as the Greek philosophers believed: “happiness starts from the belly. To get to the extreme states of bliss, one needs to focus his mind in his belly, and also understand that his mind is an energy field”

What is the farm-to-table trend?

Farm to table trend is a new dimension of a food trend that has led to a great interest in fresh, local and organic foods. Farm to table trend means that the food we eat including its ingredients has directly been sourced from the farm where it was grown or raised.  Farm to table trend means use food that has been grown, prepared, and consumed either on-site in a single location, or without passing through a middleman such as a grocery store or other distributors.

Farm to table trend means growing food sustainably, which means treating the farm like an ecosystem; caring for and regenerating soil, air and water, and treating animals and people humanely. Farm to table trend leads to direct partnerships with the farm owners, which creates a relationship with transparency that results in fresher food.

Farm to table trend arrived because people are becoming more and more aware of the impact that their lifestyle choices have on our their health, the wider society and the environment. Our diets are intimately connected to the complex food supply chains that are existent around us. You can read more hereFarm to table trend is a healthier choice than the processed and packaged foods. People benefit from the quality and freshness of the farm to table food, and they can feel good about the impacts of the choices they make.

Because no transportation or little transportation is involved, buying produce locally and eating locally makes it incredibly easy for all  to find an astonishing variety of produce at affordable prices all year round.  At the forefront, the farm to table trend is the idea to create a good food system that is beneficial to humankind.

What eating locally farm to fork means at ELaiolithos?

Experience ELaiolithos’ Sustainable Gastronomy: A Culinary Journey to Naxian Terroir.

At ELaiolithos, we embrace a farm-to-table philosophy rooted in our values. Indulge in delectable local meals sourced within a 5 km distance from our establishment. With a multi-generational legacy of local production, our family’s commitment to Naxian tradition, passion for the land, and transparent solidarity characterize our approach. Join us to savor an authentic and unique menu, where every dish reflects the essence of Naxian cuisine.

Enjoy Sustainable Culinary Bliss in the Heart of Naxos at ELaiolithos

Dine sustainably amidst the beauty of Naxos, where every bite is a celebration of pure, unspoiled flavors. ELaiolithos nurtures a commitment to both health and the environment, ensuring that our produce, rooted in the pristine soil, is free from additives or pesticides. Revel in the essence of clean eating, where farm-to-table transcends the plate and becomes a way of life.

Agriculture for us isn’t just work, it is Art.

Nurturing Nature, Savoring Quality at ELaiolithos:

Crafting our farm-to-table cuisine involves more than just ingredients; it’s a journey of seeds, soil, water, labor, protection, patience, and respect. At ELaiolithos, honoring food means cherishing its story. Our commitment to quality is evident, with only organic fertilizers, such as goat or sheep dung, nurturing the pure soil that yields “Clean” and healthy produce. Embracing the organic lifestyle, we proudly flaunt our 100% Sustainable DNA, embodying the essence of farm-to-table at its finest.

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” ~Aristotle