Luxury Eco Villa Suites

ELaiolithos, nestled in the lush green environment of Naxos Island, Greece, is an experiential luxury eco villa suites complex that seamlessly blends sustainability, warm hospitality, and nature’s beauty with luxury. Here, low-impact travel, exclusive experiences, and luxury harmonize, delivering an ecological ethos, a profound cultural connection, and a genuine essence of Naxos island. Embracing an eco-friendly spirit without compromising on luxury, ELaiolithos incorporates meaningful green sustainable practices into its operations. From conserving resources to recycling waste materials, we offer guests a greener way to indulge in a luxury vacation experience.

ELaiolithos is nestled amidst the natural splendor of central Naxos, surrounded by a vast expanse of timeless olive trees, and offers a trilogy of stunning views: mountains, valleys, and the sea. Just a five-minute drive from the historic Halki village and a 20-minute journey from Naxos town, it seamlessly blends ecology and ethical living with the convenience of exceptional room service. As a luxury green destination, ELaiolithos is meticulously constructed with reverence for its pristine surroundings. Operating with a steadfast commitment to nature, community, and the environment, it enhances the overall guest experience.

ELaiolithos is nestled amidst the lush landscapes of central Naxos, offering unparalleled views that stand out in the entire Cyclades!

Contrary to the typical barren terrain associated with the Cycladic region, our location boasts unique vistas that challenge traditional perceptions of Cycladic scenery. From our terrace, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking panorama, accompanied by the mesmerizing sounds of cicadas and goat bells, soothing your soul. At ELaiolithos, style, luxury, and Naxian tradition converge, creating a realm of beauty and authenticity. Our luxury eco villa suites invite you to unwind on our expansive terrace, where you can admire the magnificent landscape while indulging in a glass of local wine, honoring the revered Naxian god Dionysus and embracing the essence of hedonism.

Why stay at a luxury eco villa suite in Naxos island?

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Switch off, Unplug, Enjoy

In a world of increasing global concern regarding diminishing natural resources and global environmental impacts, ELaiolithos’ core value could not be other than “think green” by being environmentally conscious, embracing eco-friendly lifestyle, transparent sustainable practices, policies, and green philosophy, while providing an oasis of luxurious accommodations. It is a luxury eco villa suites complex that has made significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact, both behind the scenes and in guest rooms and experience.

As eco-travel gains popularity, more people are opting for green destinations. ELaiolithos’ luxury villa suites on Naxos island, Greece, are nestled in the greenest part not just of Naxos but of the entire Cyclades Eco travelers will love its secluded location, its stunning natural green landscape, it’s sustainable facilities, the amazing eco-friendly amenities and toiletries, its numerous walking, cycling and trekking trails around the hotel, the local life, and the mingling with the locals. To travel here means to travel where the locals live, eat organically like the locals eat farm-to-fork fresh and seasonal food, speak with staff who loves sharing their sense of local pride by providing top-notch service, touch local handmade art, wrap yourself with hand loom woven textiles, and get lost into the magic of the mornings where the sun beams come through the olive trees, and the mesmerizing sound of the goat bells tickle your ears.

Are they enough all these to make you want stay madly at a luxury eco villa suite in Naxos island?

Why book with ELaiolithos?

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Our hospitality is our love, care and sharing of ourselves and our land

Because you’ll experience Naxos island from a whole new perspective, indulging in breathtaking panoramas and serene surroundings, all from a lofty elevation at 500 meters above sea level. ELaiolithos isn’t just a name; it’s a tapestry woven with the threads of countless experiences, offering a fusion of Naxos’ diverse charms all in one place. Because you’ll immerse yourself in vacation-rejuvenation, connecting with the essence of the land, the value of life, and the freedom it bestows.

The natural geology of Naxos’ mainland region significantly contributes to its capacity for ecotourism. This area stands out geographically, boasting the largest green valley among all Cycladic islands, right at the doorstep of ELaiolithos.

Immerse in ELaiolithos’ luxury eco villa suites on Naxos island, fulfilling your wanderlust with eco-consciousness, and discovering the allure of the Greek Cycladic islands.

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ELaiolithos is about pleasing and pleasuring all your senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, feel!

A few reasons to stay at ELaiolithos:

  • Nestled in a privileged green location at an elevation of 500 m, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas encompassing a magnificent trilogy of mountains, valley, and sea. It stands amidst the only lush green landscape in all of Cyclades.
  • Great central convenient location, and unique road junction. The road splits in 3-different directions, making every point of the island easily accessible
  • It’s very romantic destination. Couples love its romantic ambiance, with textures that evoke all senses
  • All major and famous attractions of the island are around the hotel within 5-15 minutes driving distance
  • The best scenic hiking/cycling trails of Naxos island are around the hotel
  • Panagia Drosiani, the oldest Byzantine church in Balkans, 4th-6th and 12th century is 350 m away, a 5 minute walk
  • The historical Halki village (the former capital of the island) with the Vallindras Kitron Distillery is a 5 minute drive away
  • Apiranthos village, the famous stone village, is a 10 minute drive
  • The Temple of Demeter, built 500 yrs before Parthenon, is a 10 minute drive
  • Zeus mountain, Upper Castle, and Marble Quarries are just around the corner
  • EXPERIENCE LOCAL L!FE. Live like a local. ELaiolithos is a unique combination of Naxian history, mythology, culture, and tradition with opulent accommodation and comfort. Relax, eat like a local, learn about Naxos, live away of the mass tourism spots, and experience the real spirit of Naxos!
  • Inviting and warm family hospitality

Plus, you are only 20 minutes away from all the best beaches of Naxos!

At ELaiolithos you tap into the experiential part of your stay. Every day is a different experience here!

Our mission: to create special sparkling moments that bring smiles to your face through fun, knowledge enrichment about Naxos and Greece, delicious culinary delights, surprises, unexpected experiences, warm family like feelings, and love of the surrounding environment and premises. ELaiolithos is perfect for Solo travelers as well and an inspiration to all! We take pride in showing you what Naxian hospitality and quality is all about!

What makes the ELaiolithos luxury eco villa suites different?

Simply put, we operate responsibly, we do business with a conscience.

  • Location, location, location
  • Clean island air
  • Pristine untouched nature
  • Divine mountains
  • Healthy local farm to table gastronomy
  • Better Hotel Sleep Quality because of its ideal elevation
  • Mesmerizing goat bells sound
  • Chic hospitality
  • Charming Romantic Ambiance
  • We exclusively support local farmers.
  • Awe-inspiring views
  • The one and only in central Naxos, true to its locale.

at 500 meters above sea level, there’re 500 reasons to be here….

ELaiolithos is unique because of its amazing sunrise beams through the olive trees, its spectacular sunsets, great vantage location, and serene suites: an Eco Tranquility Experience combined with Luxury and Local Living awaits every one.

Its privileged location serves as a convenient base to explore the island effortlessly and enjoy the best of both worlds: the majestic mountains and the serene sea. Perched atop the highest point of central Naxos, you can breathe in stunning, uninterrupted views from your suite and terrace. Spend your days lounging on remote, unspoiled beaches, trekking through the highlands, or scaling the peaks of mythical mountains like Zeus, Fanari, or Koronos – all within close proximity. Away from the crowds, amidst a serene environment, ELaiolithos becomes a haven for nature lovers and curious travelers seeking authentic experiences and genuine human connections. It’s a sanctuary for those who cherish life’s every moment, embrace the unexpected, and are eager to learn about their destination while exploring its paths.

About Elaiolithos in Naxos
ELaiolithos is the only luxury green hotel in the mountains of Naxos. And Naxos is the only island in the Cyclades where staying in the mountains is even an option.

OUR HOSPITALITY: At ELaiolithos, we offer an authentic luxury eco holiday experience with personalized service tailored to each guest’s desires. We believe in the beauty of imperfection, fostering a friendly and informal atmosphere. From the moment guests step into ELaiolithos, they are greeted with care and attention, ensuring they feel welcomed and valued. We treat every guest with utmost honor and respect, grateful for their choice to stay with us. Our goal is to make everyone feel at home, creating a sanctuary where they feel safe, free, cared for, and curious—a place where they feel like family, where laughter fills the air, and where memories are made!

Our Strengths

Humor – We see life with humor and freedom

Location – An idyllic location in which everything flows, everything takes place and nothing stays

Capacity – For distinguished guests, families and travelers, to be able to describe the question “What is unique about the ELaiolithos?”

Facilities – Green facilities in a serene green environment with infinite tranquility

EcoArt Decoration –We meticulously curate our spaces with locally crafted EcoArt, paying homage to the environment and nature. Our attention to detail inspires dialogue and fosters the long-term flourishing of both social and natural environments.

Comfort – we treat you like Royalty!