Традиции, Непревзойденная Роскошь и Подлинность в самом сердце острова Наксос, Греция, ждут вас.


ELaiolithos Cafe Snack Bar

Let’s Live Up to Our Values

In an unbeatable location, in the core of Naxos’ island mainland, relax on ELaiolithos’ amazing terrace, enjoy unspoiled idyllic views & Eat Well, Fresh, Healthy, Nutritious & Tasty! Explore local cuisine and more at this esteemed establishment that leads you on a journey of multi-layered sensations! It’s no secret that locally-grown food tastes better. …it’s healthier!…it’s an investment in our community…means you’ll be eating in season. ..

– Our Local food is full of Flavor –


Strategically located, set apart from the rest in the island, between Chalkio and Moni villages, it is nestled in a natural olive grove overlooking Zeus mountain, Panagia Drosiani, the surrounding villages, the Drymalia valley along with the blue backdrop of the Aegean Sea. ELaiolithos has a beauty all of its own and the right philosophy that looks to be a home away from home for the discerning guest. The design concept of the hotel was inspired by a few emblematic items of the local culture: the old millstone from Moni village, the Naxian marble, the olive groves and the Drymalia Byzantine Mystras.

We Know the Hen Who Laid the Eggs

ELaiolithos’ atmosphere sends warm vibes for delightful days & evenings with Pure Authentic Local dishes for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, snacks, signature drinks, the best cheeses, wine and fruits – all  ingredients come from the surrounded fertile region of Moni, Heimarros, & Kinidharos-within a distance of 6 Km.


It is the vision of the talented owner, Helen Marakis, who is both a Naxos native and a successful entrepreneur who studied and lived in New York for 35 years. Her inspiration for this concept came from her love about the rich mountainous region, its soil purity and abundance, the globally famous Naxian gastronomy, the property’s location and surroundings which immediately gives you the feeling of a “destination of its own”and her own healthy eating habits that start with choosing delicious healthy foods.

Her Creativity and Passion for Food Are Always on the Menu.


Dining at ELaiolithos is a Wonderful, Holistic Experience

not to Be Missed

Helen except of being a great host, she has also earned a reputation for creating a unique but contemporary twist on traditional Naxian cuisine with an emphasis on healthy, local, and seasonal ingredients. That means more nutrient density, plentiful probiotic produce, freshness, better taste and purity of food, wellness benefits, as well as taking care of the local environment.


Aromas of Naxos, local products with mountainous flavors are used in artistic ways to create true masterpieces gourmet dishes… Field to fork cuisine is a second nature to Naxians in the mainland, making the hinterland a perfect place to indulge in a passion for food and drink.  It takes skill to transform simple food into fine cuisine, and Helen with the chef promise authenticity in each dish on the menu.


The cuisine at ELaiolithos has an enormous variety of mouth-watering vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

ELaiolithos Cafe Snack Bar

Taste the Unexpected, Discover the Undiscovered

Aromatic….Satisfying in each bite…..

  • Premium Hospitality and service with a cause. We connect every guest with the destination, offer the opportunity to give something back to the local community and create a positive impact with their travels.
  • True – Authentic – Simple. ELaiolithos has a super convenient location while it’s very easy to find – just follow Google Maps. Its cozy terrace is a place where guests can enjoy stunning views over the island and the sea, they can relax and feel like home while enjoying local delicacies, a vast selection of Signature dishes, Cocktails and the top tea flavors of Naxian mountainous soil.  
  • Homemade Pitta varieties served daily. The main dishes are a surprise and they differ day per day.
  • Taste all local cheeses made by the local producer Lambros Marakis (Giovannis’ Cheeses) whose name is associated with quality and uniqueness – his goats and lambs are only grass fed.
  • All dishes are created of 100% extra virgin olive oil produced by the hotel’s olive grove just below the resort. Special bio Super Foods, Gluten-free choices, Lactose-free, Keto-friendly, Vegan-friendly, Paleo-friendly and without salt also recipes are available upon request. We offer a unique set of experiences, that set us apart from the rest, with a wide variety of organic produce and grass fed meat. Eating the way you want (or need) to is really that easy here!
  • Awaken the Greatness Within with a Yummy and Nutritious breakfast journey

Enjoy a sumptuous homemade local breakfast made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients peacefully and at ease! We are offering a variety of morning delicacies and homemade marmalades with focus on quality that will ensure a fresh start of the day.


Breakfast dishes here totally reflect on the island’s rich food culture that ooze tradition and even if you are staying for a week, you will be able to try something different every day. Every breakfast here is a surprise!

  • Our Greek yogurt with a mixture of nuts, super foods, Naxian heather honey, fresh seasonal fruits or Helen’s amazing secret recipe marmalade.
  • Naxian “pancakes”, Sweet or Savory crepes. A handful of energy that will supply your days!
  • The Naxian bread, cooked in a traditional wood-burning stove, is served with local goat cheese, tomato and grapes.
  • Homemade Spoon Sweets, Cheesecake, Orange cake, and more to satisfy your sweet tooth


ELaiolithos Dining

“Health is Wealth”, therefore Treasure your Gift.

Opening Hours: daily from 8:00 am – late night