Традиции, Непревзойденная Роскошь и Подлинность в самом сердце острова Наксос, Греция, ждут вас.



Looking to enjoying a relaxing trip, and searching for tranquility and rejuvenation,  at a higher altitude in a Greek island?

  • As a guest treat yourself and practice yoga outdoors, be your own yoga instructor!
  • If you’re looking for a memorable location to host your event, or to hold your next meeting, bring your own retreat-workshop to ELaiolithos which is a natural meaningful host venue for retreat hosts, designed to relax and inspire, and ideal to deepen your practices.

You have a choice of either outside on our 9,687 sq.ft grand terrace or under the sacred olive trees below the retreat. We will provide the elements you need to have a great outcome!

What makes this location the perfect place to practice yoga is its secluded grounds which are completely free of all kinds of pollution, its sustainability and its gastronomy. We offer a full meal plan, healthy and detox, as well as the equipment needed for the yoga classes. A staff photographer will be available to get shots of your team as well.


Our services are oriented towards the satisfaction of the needs and the feelings

Accommodation – The vibes of ELaiolithos are the perfect marriage of Mediterranean charm with Greek island stillness and Naxian quality of life.

ELaiolithos is constructed using 100% natural local materials, it’s eco-friendly and we use organic toiletries. All suites are in the same building., thus combine functionality with comfort. It was built from scratch by the owner and has been owned and operated by her since it opened its doors on 2018.

Nestled at the edge of the Drymalia valley and at the base of Moni village, its chicly luxurious suites are calming and cozy, designed with deep relaxation in mind. None of them is the same, but all combine local aesthetics and art with relaxing minimalism and the most modern comforts. Here you’ve plenty of walking trails and space to breath, rest and meditate.

ELaiolithos’ sacred environment is a booster and an accelerator in shifting your perception and re-establishing what really matters

Experience how simple life is here. Every day allows you to relax in this serene environment in beautiful surroundings, and this quiet contemplation enables you to go into a deeper, often ignored, part of yourself.  You have the opportunity to see that life is much more fun and makes sense when you experience this profound inner connection and stillness and you find solace.


A true retreat is less about the actual place and more about the energy & ELaiolithos has it all: amazing location, setting, privacy, and divine vibes. Everything about the retreat is impressive.

Location is Off-beat, One-of-a-kind, Convenient & Accessible – ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat is the only one hotel in Naxos that can be proud of such a prime location in the mainland. It’s a special destination in Naxos island for its remoteness, accessibility and such unusual green scenery for a Cycladic island. Explore Naxos with ease and reconnect with yourself and nature.

When you arrive at ELaiolithos you’ll understand the healing properties of a Greek island mountain location. Situated 500m above sea level, simply breathing the crisp air feels like a cleansing experience. This special hotel in Naxos has the unique privilege of overlooking Drymalia valley, the Olympian God Zeus mountain, the Aegean sea till Ios and Sikinos islands, and enchanting the visitor with its unique combination of mountain and sea.

ELaiolithos with its high aesthetics in this imposing landscape is the jewel of the area, and the luxury that provides is the absolute peace.

Enjoy quality of leisure and the natural beauty of the area in its purest form. Take full advantage of its grand porch to enjoy the sunshine and take in the magnificent vistas, or take a hike or bike ride through the surrounding neighborhood, before heading to our outstanding restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The ELaiolithos’ holistic approach to wellness is based on a philosophy of clean living through healthy eating and peace of mind.

Our foundation of wellness is the farm-to-taste buds food, designed to heal and detox the body, for anti-stress, and weight loss. We aim our focus to a healthy lifestyle through time spent in nature, cooking lessons, visits to organic farms, markets, and local artisans which are an integral part of the guest experience.

The retreat is surrounded by centenaries olive groves, gorges and peaks but also a short distance away from beaches; so guests have plenty of time to reconnect with the surrounding nature.

The setting is conducive for quiet, contemplative situations

Outside Yoga & Meditation under the olive trees – Every morning you have the opportunity to admire the unmatched beauty of the sun come up above the mount Fanari and its rays between the olive trees. It’s such a quiet, blissful setting, far away from the distractions and worries of everyday life.  ELaiolithos is one of those places that simply everyone has to visit. It has unique vibes, blessed with wonderful people and local culture. It dedicates itself to teaching its guests how to connect to mother earth by taking a holistic and spiritual approach.

Its peaceful setting all day long serves the body, mind and spirit. The  retreat is an opportunity for quiet contemplation, transformation, and creative outflow. Sit in our chairs by our porch and watch the idyllic colors of the sunsets.

From the moment you step onto the property at ELaiolithos, your wellness journey begins. It’s a little piece of “Heaven on Earth” that it inspires healthy living  that purifies your body and soul!

You will be under the olive trees and surrounded by olive trees. Drymalia valley region has 400,000 olive trees, symbols of peace and calmness. Can you imagine how their healing potential can affect your energy and your consciousness?


Bring your retreat to ELaiolithos

Host your own event or hold your next meeting at a higher altitude in a Greek island

We can accommodate up to 12 guests, and we cater all meals, provide healthy and delicious local snacks and cuisine, gourmet coffee and tea, amazing smoothies, and can help with all aspects of your event planning.

Our rates vary depending on the details of your menu, specific needs for accommodations, whether we provide programming, a guided hike, or special fitness session. Please Contact us so we can discuss the details of your retreat, or special event. We can provide you with   anything else you might need and we’ll be happy to set that up for you. What can we do for your group?

Reap the unexpected benefits of holding your meetings in a venue that’s new, different, and so peaceful, where the fresh crisp mountain air, the beautiful colors, the experience of being surrounded by nature, and the divine vibes of King of Gods, Zeus, the highest mount of Cyclades, will lead you to fresh thinking, and exciting new ideas.

 If you are looking for:

** a unique location

** a spiritual environment in order to host an event, lead a seminar or conference

** seeking to implement your spiritual retreat ideas

** want to host and lead your own yoga retreat, meditation retreat, or spiritual retreat

then ELaiolithos is the ideal retreat in Naxos island. It can offer you a spiritual, and welcoming place. We can provide you with accommodations, vegetarian meals, teaching space and a natural and peaceful atmosphere.

ELaiolithos is a retreat venue to mindfully discover new experiences, appreciate Naxos and yourself. Nature and local tradition play a leading role in the whole experience. Use our team, experience, and facilities, to create the perfect retreat for you, and your group or students. We would be honored to host your event!


Our Core Tenets & Values

We believe heartfelt human connections make lives better. That’s why our operating system is our people. When you stay with us, you’ll feel meaningful and deeply personal human connection. Our environment exudes homely warmth and the aroma of the authentic Naxos and its pure life.

We consciously built with enthusiasm and clarity the retreat in this location because we know that everything we need for our survival and well-being depends either directly or indirectly on our natural environment. We want to pass this to all who arrive here, to feel the importance of sustainability which creates and maintains the conditions under which all of us and nature can exist in productive harmony.

We know that a relaxing atmosphere helps attendees to think outside the box. When being fully present when we travel enhances our experience, and the moments we spend with ourselves are the  moments that drive us to abundance and happiness. We want the days spend at ELaiolithos to be empowering and help you realize, re-evaluate and emphasize your core values as well. When we know and practice our core values, this improves our self-esteem, confidence, and quality of our life. Because a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit leads to healthy thoughts, emotions and beliefs which have a fundamental impact on our basic well-being, our immune system, our innate healing mechanisms, and the reality we live.

With love and respect for the island we come from, we’ve created a traditional retreat with great care and passion, and modern amenities, ideal for romantic and quiet holidays.

ELaiolithos is the hidden gem of Naxos, offering you the unique opportunity to have both unspoiled nature and centuries of history, tradition, and culture at your arm’s reach.

Combine our property with amazing food, drinks and people and you have a recipe for a holiday and/or an event to remember!

Your mountain island sanctuary awaits you……