Ariadne & Dionysus Suite

The decorating theme for the Suite is the love story of Ariadne & Dionysus, a tale that has withstood for millennia. The décor is designed to accompany modern day, and the suite is equipped with all the luxury amenities you need. Our mission is to create a loving, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere that is spotless and beautifully enhanced. We would also like for our guests to be inspired by the legend of these characters and the ancient monuments built in their honor which is why we incorporate them in the suite.

*Please note all of our Suites are individually decorated

Suite Size: 52 m² (559 ft²) – Bed Size: Spacious King size bed – Occupancy: For a couple (You and Your Loved One) – Bathroom: has Hydro massage Shower/Bath


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Secluded and tranquil, this is a luxurious suite ideal for enjoying time with your loved one. Romance is in the air everywhere. Sink into the sumptuous king size bed with a Portara headboard and contemplate about the great love story of Ariadne & Dionysus while connecting deeply with nature, yourself, and your loved one. Breath the fresh air, enjoy the scenic view through the expansive windows, listen to the beauty of the birds’ melodies, soak up the silence, or simply connect with the nature that surrounds you. Life is a vibration, so is mind.

This Suite is an escape to nature even from the inside. Enjoy panoramic vistas from your bed or bathroom, watch the sunrise or sunset, and absorb the endless view laid out before you while enjoying each other’s company!

Love is in the air and so is artistic flair. Unique art pieces enhance the walls and local old antique objects, furniture, and artifacts encompass the room – all handmade, and hand painted. These all create an everlasting bond between you, nature, Naxian culture and tradition.

A touch of modern luxury is added to the Suite in the stylistic glass-walled bathroom which creates an inviting design statement – it is like an art exhibit. The Suite has an intriguing peek-a-boo bathroom to share with your loved one. It is an open concept type bathroom for the natural light to jump in and the view to be visible. The “necessarium” is hidden away with a wall built on the side. You can bath, let your partner witness your ablutions, seduce him, and enjoy the beautiful view on the mountains and valley in same moment. When you want to maintain a higher level of privacy, you can turn the bathroom into a private room with the drawable curtain on the outside of the glass which is non see through.

For a romantic candlelight night with soft music playing and perhaps a bottle of champagne or a glass of wine, the ambient atmosphere of the Suite will enrich your experience – a serene haven for couples!

In this Suite you will surely observe nature. You and your love will be pampered in its lush and lavish décor and you will experience the world with an open mind.

Enjoy your voyage….

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