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Outdoor Activities

Whether you are an experienced hiker or trail runner who is interested in challenging treks or a beginner who enjoys short hikes to admire beautiful scenery while on holiday, you’ll find what you are looking for in ELaiolithos Retreat. Discover the Undiscovered and stay in comfort.

hikers friendly hotel

We are proud to inform you that ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat is officially certified as a “Hikers Friendly Hotel”, the first hotel on Naxos island that has been awarded with the Gold “Hikers Friendly Hotels” certification for its services relating to hiking activities. We look forward to welcoming you in this new alternative adventure!!!

We believe that an amazing hiking experience starts with great hospitality! Enjoy your stay, explore the trails of the area and have a fantastic hiking experience.!!!

ELaiolithos offers a superb escape into both nature and tradition and it’s a hiker’s paradise.

Naxos Island offers a huge variety of trail running & hiking routes.

There are at least 480 Km of mountain hiking paths to walk through.

Hiking Naxos


ELaiolithos – Marble Quarries – Tsikalario – Apano Kastro (“Upper Castle”) – Chalkio

This is a route through one of Naxos’ most impressive landscapes ideal for hiking.


ELaiolithos – Sifones – Fanari – Apeiranthos

You start from inside the village of Moni (just above ELaiolithos) and then half of it walks you through luscious nature, streams and shady places.


ELaiolithos – Moni – Kaloxilos – Chalkio – Agios Georgios Diasoritis – Monitsia – Panagia Rachidiotissa – Panagia Drosiani – ELaiolithos (circular route)

This trail follows a circular route around the largest part of the olive grove and the “Aegean Byzantine Mystras Park” of Drimalia/Traghaia…


ELaiolithos – Keramoti – Routsouna Falls and back to Elaiolithos from the same route

Picture this! One of the loveliest old walking trails- experiences about the island of Dionysos.