Evoking the Feeling, Spirit & Spontaneity of Naxos. A True Eco-Luxury Experience awaits.

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ELaiolithos is available for: Exclusivity– if you want to book the whole resort yourselves

For those who want to feel at home away from home, ELaiolithos provides a private oasis for guests seeking exclusive comfort and ease throughout their stay. No matter what the occasion book your holiday/gathering with us and receive Exclusive Deals. Whether you’re planning the perfect reunion or putting together an unforgettable bachelorette party, group vacations are a fantastic way to kick back with your pals, your parents, your family, and everyone in between.

ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat is the vision of Helen Marakis, who is both a Naxos native and a successful entrepreneur who studied and lived in New York City for 30 years. Nostos is the feeling that motivated her to return to her native island, and create ELaiolithos, in a blissful setting that truly feels like an extension of the environment, possess exceptional beauty and cultural charm, and offers unparalleled local experiences curated by a warm, genuine and personalized hospitality.

Helen believes travel is a type of education. Global travel awakens the senses and mind, to different cultures and experiences. We learn about cultural differences, discover universal truths, gain personal independence, awaken our inner selves, and figure out what’s going on locally.  Her goal was to make ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat a “destination of its own” where the visitor will experience Naxos like  a Local, where the guests can come in contact with Cycladic Architecture, local culture, History, Tradition and Mythology and enjoy great traditional food. Its privileged location provides a beautiful, picturesque setting with mesmerizing views for the travelers to relax, recharge their batteries and gain a new sense of self by “switching off” and focusing on themselves.

ELaiolithos is available for:

  • Exclusivity– if you want to book the whole resort yourselves
  • A whole group of friends, or
  • A family vacationing together or families come together for a long-overdue gathering,  or
  • Just a get-together with family and friends, or
  •  Educational student tours, or
  • Reunions, Graduations, or
  •  Bachelorette parties to spring-break journeys, or
  • Historians, Cultural Explorers, Religious gatherings, or
  • Cyclists’ getaways, or
  • Packages For Men only, or
  • Packages For Ladies only, or
  • Singles vacations for like-minded pals
  • Yoga lovers, or
  • Any group of people

If you’re looking for a Venue steeped in history, natural beauty with a touch of eccentricity, one that marries perfectly the old world with the new, then it’s hard to go past the array of this unique venue of ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat in Naxos. A Unique resort, something completely different; for your next special function/gathering because ELaiolithos creates unforgettable memories that become priceless souvenirs and teachable moments!

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