Kastraki Naxos Beach

Kastraki beach, is the continuation of Sahara beach, 16 Km from Naxos town and port.  It’s a quiet 3 Km long beach with fine sandy stripes that stretch for several kilometers along the cool crystal clear waters. Kastraki beach is not an organized beach, so you need to get umbrellas and towels with you. There’re  several accommodations, taverns, and markets in the area but not on the beach. The Kastraki area is a quiet place ideal for tranquil holidays in Naxos. Nudists enjoy some quiet areas of the beach since it is quite secluded.  Take a caution when you swim at Kastraki beach because there is uneven bottom with rock formations under water by the beach.  Access to Kastraki beach is made via asphalt road and a 1 Km dirt road in good condition.

kastraki beach naxos