Kleidos Naxos Beach

Kleidos Beach, is located on the southeast of the island, 12 Km away from Moutsouna beach. It lays between Psili Amnmos (Kanaki) and Panormos beaches. Kleidos beach, an off-the-beaten-track choice for travellers, is a small picturesque bay situated next to the Kleidos settlement. The quiet lovely beach features crystalline clear light blue waters with a wonderful sea bottom, and slightly grey soft sand that is separated by rocks, thus creating privé spots to enjoy your dives. Across the sea you can enjoy the view of Koufonisia.

The whole south east coast around Kleidos beach is secluded and very quiet. The interesting rock formations on the coastline, and the wild and rugged landscape will mesmerize you.

The Kleidos beach can only be reached by car or motorbike, it’s not organized beach and there are no tourist facilities or amenities here. Enjoy natural beauty, calmness and isolation away from the busy beaches of the island; this is the magic of Kleidos beach!