Mikri Vigla Naxos Beach

Mikri Vigla beach in Naxos, Greece, is an incredible beautiful beach on south west of the island, 12 Km away from the port and capital, with golden sand and magnificent crystal clear turquoise waters. Golden granite slabs and boulders divide the Mikri Vigla beach into two parts, the north and the south side, with a hill with a very rare geological phenomenon of impressive rocky formations and quite a few cedar trees. Mikri Vigla beach is a very popular destination in Naxos because of its advantage of the two sides, that allow visitors to swim and relax no matter if the wind is coming from the north or the south.

  1. The southern beach side of Mikri Vigla beach, called “Limanaki”, is the one protected from the meltemia winds, and it’s an endless incomparable 3 Km of white sandy beach, followed by Sahara beach with sparkling shallow crystal waters. Limanaki is a beautiful beach with white soft sand, and clear azure color waters. A part of it is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent, and there is Kayak sports available also here.

Mikri Vigla Limanaki spot is magnificent for those who are looking for beautiful surroundings and peaceful holidays, making it ideal for children and families. If you like underwater activities, grab the opportunity while in Mikri Vigla beach. Starting from the south beach and heading north, you can have a snorkeling ride around the cape rocks. The underwater life is beautiful. You can see lots of fishes, snappers, groupers, soles, octopus. Sometimes moray eels and turtles can be seen! Mikri Vigla beach is also ideal for beach walking, and you’ll see many people walk in barefoot.

  • The northern beach part of Mikri Vigla beach, called Parthena, is called the “Mecca” of Naxos for kiters and windsurfers. It’s an ideal spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing because of the meltemia – the north winds that are blowing during the whole summer in Cyclades. This is the incredible kitespot and windsurfng spot of Naxos. The Mikri Vigla Parthena beach is famous worldwide for these sports, and there’re here clubs that offer courses and renting high quality equipment. In recent years it has become the meeting point of surfers from all over the world.  Another reason is because kite surfing in this Mikri Vigla Parthena bay is very safe. You’ll hardly ever need a rescue in case anything happens because you’ll get pushed to the shore by the wind in just a few minutes.

The geographical and morphological characteristics of this area along with the proximity of Paros Island, create in this spot unique sea air conditions, where the wind blowing through the strait between the two islands is speeding up mad crazy. The Venturi effect and the thermal winds give this place 5-10 knots more wind compared to the rest places in Naxos, and the surrounding Cycladic islands. The Meltemi that normally blows from June to September will give you wind almost every day, all day, mainly from N NNE which is almost parallel to the sandy beach, with a constant intensity of 15 to 20 knots sometimes peaks even 30 knots. The wind conditions added to the Parthena bay morphological characteristics grant a perfect playground for a wide range of surfers, starting from beginners up to the highest performers. The proximity of Paros also prevents the creation of very high waves granting an ideal spot for both windsurfers and kite surfers of any level. If you find yourself here, grab your camera and shoot some magnificent shots!

Being a rider will make you feel like at home here, meeting fellow kitesurfers of all levels, making friends,  and sharing your emotions. The lifestyle of a kiter is spread in all over the air. This Mikri Vigla Parthena spot is considered as one of the best spot in the worlds, not just of the Cyclades, or Greece.

If you’re interested in kitesurfing and windsurfing  in this area, you can check the  weather forecast sites Windguru and Meteo. Keep in mind though that even if the forecast looks unpromising the magic of Mikri Vigla Parthena might work! The most important thing is the wind direction. North and Northwest work the best for kitesurfing in Mikri Vigla Parthena kitebeach. So stay tuned and check weather conditions frequently!

You can stay tuned frequently with Greece’s local weather station and check the weather conditions

A few traditional greek taverns along with several hotels can be found in the Mikri Vigla beach area and its surroundings. Mikri Vigla beach is a place to get out of the noisy city of Naxos, and enjoy a slower pace of life. Dirt road from Orkos will lead you here, or asphalt road from Sagkri or Vivlos, and a rental car, moped, or ATV are sufficient.

Whay is the story of the Mikri Vigla Naxos beach and its area?

Mikri Vigla beach is a colorful natural landscape of untouched civilization that attacts eco friendly beach lovers. Mikri Vigla means “small watchtower’ in Greek, and took its name after the observatory that exists on the top of the cape, which was used by the locals  to warn the town and surrounding villages for incoming pirates. A fire was lighted on the top of the hill that triggered a chain of fires lighted in many other watchtowers. The steep rock that separates Mikri Vigla into two smaller coves, the  Limanaki and the Parthena, was the place where the locals used to hide, and observe the seas. The remains of the old building are still visible on top of the hill south of Mikri Vigla Parthena kitebeach. Also, remains of an ancient village have been found by archaeologists. The south bay was used by ships to shelter from dominant North winds. 

You can get to Mikri Vigla beach easily, regardless of where you’re staying on the island. Mikri Vigla beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Naxos and definitely worth your visit.