Orkos Naxos Beach

Orkos beach, is 10.5 Km away from the capital’s centre, is the continuation of Plaka beach, and before Mikri Vigla beach. After Plaka beach, access to Orkos beach is via dirt road only. It’s a beautiful 1 Km long beach with thick sand, amazing water clarity and turquoise color pallet. This is a remote beach and thus quiet.

Orkos beach consists of two sections, an 800m sandy beach, right after Plaka, with cedar trees along its entire shore, and another part about 200 m long with sharp rocks to plunge into the sea forming cute coves. Orkos beach is not an organized beach,  there is nothing in the way of sunbeds, umbrellas or any tourist facilities or amenities, meaning you need to bring your own umbrellas and towels with you. To access food and coffee, you need to go by car either to Plaka or Mikri Vigla. There’re quite a few accommodations on the hill above the Orkos beach with beautiful views.

orkos beach