Plaka Naxos Beach

Plaka beach is the continuation of Agia Anna beach, and it’s the most popular and splendid beach of the island, 9 Km from the port and the capital. It is a marvellous long and wide beach, approximately 4 Km, with soft and very fine sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and gentle slope into the sea. Plaka beach is organized with umbrellas and loungers available to rent along most of its length.

After Agia Anna, the road to Plaka beach is coastal dirt.  Here you can find plenty taverns with excellent view and great local cuisine, and beach front cafe bars that serve you beverages and snacks on the beach.  The most common activity on Plaka is beach walking, people going up and down and enjoying the Plaka beach. One can spend the entire day here without feeling  bored. Once used to be a nudists’ beach, and even today you will meet nudists at its south part. There is frequent bus service in the summer from Naxos town to Plaka beach.