Rhina Cave Beach

Rina Cave beach, Rhina Cave or Rena Cave, is a secret cove that can only be visited by boat. It’s one of the best sea landmarks of Naxos island.  Rina Cave is located by an unspoiled beach with exotic crystalline turquoise green waters, in the Kalandos beach area, on the island’s southern coast. The cave, which lies to the right side of the beach, features some bird nests while a spring offering fresh water lies to the left-hand side of the cave.

Rina Cave is frequently visited by yacht, and inflatable boats, as the beach is well sheltered from winds and waves. The Rina Cave spot makes up a part of many one-day boat excursion itineraries organized during the summer months. We highly recommend the Boat trip by Yannis through Panormos beach because of its traditional character and the value for money.