Danakos Water Source, Danakos Village

Five minutes down the road from Fotodotis, there is this charming Naxos sightseeing village of Danakos, worth the stop primarily because of its remoteness, and the water source that exists under a huge 25 meter aged plane tree. It is said this plane tree is older than the village, at least 800 years old. Here the water comes out from a fissure in the rocks into a little pool and it is drinkable. In this village there is also a small tavern in the square where you can taste delicious local gastronomy.

Danakos Water Source Danakos Village Naxos

Danakos is a small picturesque village that will reimburse all nature lovers with its scenic lush landscape.

Danakos village is located at the foot of Mt. Zas, 7Km from ELaiolithos