Saint George Diasoritis (Agios Georgios Diasoritis) in Halki Naxos

Visiting this 11th century Byzantine church is a must Naxos sightseeing. The location is wonderful and its frescoes (dating back to 11th and 13th century) are magnificent. This is another Byzantine stone church with unusual architecture, that stands out for its module and harmony. Saint George Diasoritis is accessible through different hiking paths (2 Km from ELaiolithos) or through Chalkio village where you walk about 400 meters. The route is surrounded by olive groves and fragrant citrus trees. The great deal of frescoes and the way they are placed make the church an extraordinary example of Byzantine heritage. The main figures depicted are those of Agios Georgios (Saint George), Saint John the Baptist and the Archangel Michael.

Saint George Diasoritis’ dome is based on four pillars with side aisles forming an equal-angled cross, and its narthex has an inscription referring to Protospatharios (one of the highest court dignities of the middle Byzantine period awarded to senior generals and provincial governors) while it has coats of iconography dating from the 11th century and then. Plenty of light penetrates the church’s interior making it even more impressive.

Open July and August by volunteers. But even if it is closed, if you are here, we recommend you visit, Saint George Diasoritis is a worth Naxos sightseeing!