Danakos Village

Danakos village is a remote small quaint hamlet, nestled at the foot of Zas Mountain, in the eastern side of Naxos, perched on a hillside of sycamores, oaks, and orange trees, and views of the Small Cycladic islands. It is one of Naxos’s oldest villages, according to references by Homer and the ancient historians Thucydides and Polybius, but this is also attested by the numerous remains of an ancient cemetery, the wells and the Byzantine chapels in the area. You’ll be struck by its incredible serenity!

danakos village

Danakos village and its surrounding area has natural beauty. The village is built in a glen between two mountainsides, and surrounded by huge platans, oak and walnut trees. The chirping of the nesting birds will mesmerize you. Many citrus trees, fig trees, oranges and mandarin trees, and sour cherry trees adorn the landscape further.

Danakos village is famous for its plentiful clear water springs under an enormous plane tree that dominates the area on the west side. The water from this spring used to power 7 mills in the past that can be seen around the area but do not function anymore. Here, under the plateau of this huge plane tree cultural events, such as cookery contests and concerts by well-known Greek singers are held every summer.

 Danakos’ name derived from 2 legends according to locals. Either

  • Danaoi lived for the first time at this particular location here, or
  • This specific area grew a lot of canes (danax), and the skillful craftsmen used them to manufacture sugarcanes and to supply the entire island and export it also.

Most of Danakos residents are millers, reed construction makers, stone masons, and livestock breeders, and they’re famous versifiers like Apeirantho’s residents with calm, easy going personalities. Danakos has about 150 permanent residents, and 1 local stone-clad taverna that opens after 2 pm.  

Guests can walk to the picturesque alleys of the village and visit the Temple of Zoodohos Pigi, or Naxos’ oldest monastery, The Photodotis, which is located at a short distance from Danakos village, and it’s worth visiting.

Danakos is a charming village where time has stood still, and calms every visitor with its serenity.Danakos village is located 25 Km south-east of Naxos town, Chora, a 45 minute drive