Vivlos Tripodes Village

The Tripodes village or Vivlos, is located 9 Km in the southwestern side of Naxos, 15 minute from the town Chora. The distinct style of the Cycladic architecture stands on the entrance of the village: 3 picturesque windmills,  built in 19th century, stand on a small hill overlooking the village and the surrounding area, and they’re the village’s landmark.

Vivlos Tripodes Village

During the tumultuous pirate raids in Cyclades, the inhabitants were forced to move to the interior of the island,  to the current location, away from their initial settlement that was in Plaka.

A visitor can admire in Tripodes village the

  • Windlmills
  • The old monastery of  Virgin Mary Tripodiotissa dating back to the 16th century AD, is seen in the entry of the village greeting every visitor.  In the past it

was one from the robust male monasteries of Naxos. Its basement was a school up to 1950. It’s a double aisle temple with a very nice carven chancel screen. Its bells  are so heavy, they need 3 men’s pair of hands in order to sound each Sunday. It’s celebrated on August 23rd and the village attracts locals from the whole island with its traditional festivities with live local music, food and dance to hold onto the morning hours.   

  • Paliopyrgos of Plaka,
  • Stavropigi and the chapel of Agios Andreas
  • The ancient temple of Ag. Matthaios, where legend says that it was the first settlement of Tripodes

The village of Tripodes has prospered thanks to the famous Naxian potatoes that are produced in abundance here, and the beach of Plaka that is relatively nearby.

Vivlos Tripodes Village

There’re quite a few legends of how the village took its name. No one knows though exactly. Today Tripodes Vivlos village has about 800 permanent residents, occupied mostly with agriculture, cattle breeders, and tourism. Most of Naxos’ cow meat and milk comes from Vivlos cattle breeders. It’s a lively village with many children, with its elementary school to be one of the best ones in Naxos. It has several cafes, traditional tavernas, quite a few hotels, and a local bakery known for its local delicacies and delicious bread.  With a private car or motorbike, you can reach Tripodes Vivlos through Chora – Glinado – Tripodes (Vivlos). Tripodes are connected also with Naxos town with KTEL public transportation bus