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Farm to Table Food in Naxos – We Know the Hens that Lay Our Eggs

At ELaiolithos, savor farm-to-table dining in Naxos, where authentic cuisine reigns supreme. Enjoy the freshest organic ingredients sourced from local farms, promising an unparalleled dining experience. Here, taste Naxos’ essence, backed by our glowing reviews.

The island of Naxos is a hidden culinary treasure in Greece, with a rich history of high-quality food production and enviable Mediterranean beauty. Known worldwide for its potatoes, unique-smelling cheeses, and high-quality meat, Naxos is a self-sufficient island that produces everything, and exports its products throughout Greece and abroad.

Farm-to-fork Food in Naxos

At the heart of this wonderful island is ELaiolithos, our luxury eco-hotel that incorporates sustainable practices and a focus on local, fresh, and organic food. Here, the farm-to-table trend is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle philosophy and a commitment to sustainability and local production.

We’re organic by default.

Farm-to-fork Food in Naxos

Ethical Farming Practices:

At ELaiolithos, the local food doesn’t travel far before it reaches your plate. The ingredients used in the kitchen come directly from farms located within a 5 Km distance of the hotel without intermediaries, and the food is prepared on site. This means we know the farm owners and know where the ingredients we use in each meal come from. The locals here all share the same value system: they spend many hours each day tending their fields and animals – humanely raised, sustainably, drug free, stress free, and raised with love. This falls in line with our slow food philosophy, attention to detail, and as we say in our menu: “We know the hens that lay our eggs.” 

ELaiolithos’ food is authentic and culminates in mouth-watering farm-to-table meals. Everything you order from our menu is sustainably sourced to help protect our natural resources.

The hotel is uniquely positioned in the most fertile region of Naxos, exclusively sourcing ingredients from the surrounding area. Locals employ ethical farming practices, avoiding the use of herbicides, artificial fertilizers, or preservatives. With seasonal products nurtured by fresh spring water, the natural taste is at its peak ripeness, reflecting the vibrant variety of produce in the region.

Farm-to-fork Food in Naxos

ELaiolithos’ Sustainable Farm-to-Table Restaurant: 

Our restaurant complements a healthy lifestyle by offering a diverse selection of nutritious organic meals and delectable homemade desserts, including a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Embracing the farm-to-table philosophy, sustainability is at the core of our food production. We source most of our fruits and vegetables from the owner’s brothers, esteemed farmers renowned for their quality produce. One of them is also recognized as one of the best cheese-makers on the island. Our sheep and goats are raised on pasture, ensuring they are grass-fed and pasture-raised. Treating our farm as an ecosystem, we prioritize caring for the soil, air, and water, as well as ensuring humane treatment of animals and people. Through direct relationships with our community’s farm owners, we ensure transparency, resulting in fresher and higher-quality food.

Authenticity for us is art, it’s a virtue, and it’s more than just being true to ourselves. It’s how we face life in general—with sincerity, transparency and dignity. This is what you will experience with us. 

The dining experience at ELaiolithos transcends mere meals; it’s a dynamic voyage through the rich gastronomic heritage of mountainous Naxos. Every ingredient carries its own narrative and tradition. By dining alongside locals, you’ll not only taste our culture but also forge genuine connections and create lasting memories.

Farm-to-fork Food in Naxos

Adventure-seeking travelers looking for immersive vacations and an authentic glimpse into rural life are invited to join us at ELaiolithos. Experience the essence of Naxos firsthand by indulging in our unique offerings, from farm-to-table dining experiences to hands-on agricultural activities. Join us during the wild cherry season in June, the potato harvest in July, grape-picking at the end of August, or the olive harvest from October to December. Become part of the traditional hand-picking process, from separating olives from branches to pressing them into the oil used in our meals, and forge unforgettable memories in the heart of Naxos.

Farm-to-fork Food in Naxos

Immerse yourself in the gastronomic experience at ELaiolithos, where connecting with locals and our chefs enhances your culinary journey. Feel the deep-rooted connection to the land and cultural identity through our carefully crafted dishes. Indulge in authentic flavors and real food! Joining a personalized cooking class offers a hands-on opportunity to learn Greek local cuisine, gain insights into its connection to the local economy and environment, and deepen your appreciation for the culinary traditions of Naxos.

We’re passionate about food – the tradition of it, cooking it, and  sharing it! 

At ELaiolithos, we want to invite you to experience authentic living firsthand with us. To conclude this article, I will quote Madison who came to experience our cuisine and took away much more than that. “All the food used at ELaiolithos comes from within 5 Km of the hotel. If it weren’t for the roaming goats, it would be 1 Km. This is a truly local way of eating. Many of us probably don’t even have fresh vegetables growing within 1 Km of us, let alone enough produce and animals to entirely sustain us. When living like this, you know the name of the person who is growing and making each ingredient you consume. You are closer to the producer when staying at ELaiolithos than you probably are to your local Whole Foods.”

Farm-to-fork Food in Naxos

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