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Summer 2017- Events in Naxos Island, Greece

ELaiolithos’ blog would be about various topics and calendar of events for the Naxian Culture, History and Tradition, information about our products or services, awareness about social issues,  news, themes on family, travel, food, fun, style tips, information sharing about any subject or purely passion for writing and connecting with others.

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Panyghyria (Folk Festivals)

All year around but mostly during the spring and summer season, Naxos island is full of cultural and religious events and fairs. The most common traditional festivals take place throughout the year, being tied in with the Greek Orthodox Church calendar, the celebration of each village’s Holy Saint and protector. Many celebrations take place out in the countryside and the atmosphere is very unique. But the most celebrations’ main spots for feasts are the taverns or the main square situated on each village. Traditional music, a lot of local food and wine is tasted  and a lot of dance takes place all night long. Visitors are welcome and may even be given priority seating. While in Naxos it’s a must visit to any of these festivals, where the Authentic side of Naxos will be witnessed. Apart from the religious festivals, various cultural events are scheduled constantly at the island’s restored Towers.

You will find below the most popular festivals-events, so be sure to update your agenda during your stay!

  • May 20th: Festival of Ag­ios Thalaleos, in Agios Thalaleos
  • June 30th: Festival of Agii Apostoli, in Melanes
  • July 7th: Festival of Agia Kyriaki, in Potamia
  • July 8th: Festival of Ag­ios Prokopios in Agios Prokopis
  • July 14th: Festival of Ag­ios Nikodimos in Hora and Glinado
  • July 17th: Festival of Agia Marina in Agidia and Koronos
  • July 25th: Festival of Agia Anna in Agia Anna
  • July 27th: Festival of Agios Panteleimon in Ag­ersani
  • August 6th: Festival of Christ the Saviour in Glinado, Damarionas and Kourounochori
  • August 15th: Festival of Panagia (Holy Virgin) all over the island and particulary in Filoti
  • August 23rd: Festival of the Holy Virgin’s no­vena in Tripodes
  • August 29th: Festival of Agios Ioannis in Apiranthos, Apollonas and Agersani
  • September 8th: Festival of Theoskepasti in Komiaki and Potamia