Skeponi of Mirisi Naxos

An abandoned settlement in the interior of the island, in a spectacular pristine lush green landscape abandoned in the 50s.   We mention this Naxos sightseeing for the adventurous traveler and for the hikers lovers. You can explore this site either by foot or with a rental ATV 4×4 only. Access to the site and the area is difficult via a rocky dirty road. It is 1.5 hour hiking distance from Komiaki village.  The dirt road was created some years ago when the dam was built. Amidst the ruins of the village dominates a square tower which was used apparently as a mansion house. One cann;t do anything but just admire those times where the inhabitants of Skeponi basically had to climb over the hills and mountains to get food and other things from and to the port.

skeponi mirisi naxos

If you want to trek to Skeponi, you can arrive in Komiaki village by car, leave it here and start your path. There’re signs along. It’s a popular hiking path for tourists.