Apollonas Naxos Beach

Apollonas beach and its picturesque village, is the most charming northern fishing village beach bay of Naxos island, 38 Km from the capital/port, and more than 1+ hour drive with many turns. Most tourists visit Apollonas because there is near by, above the seaside village, the famous giant landmark Kouros statue of 11 m, dating back to 6th century BC, and believed by many archaeologists to represent god Dionysus. There’re also here two ancient marble quarries.   

There is a large beach with white small marble pebbles, and a smaller one with golden sand, both with crystal clear blue sea waters. If you plan to swim at Apollonas beach, it’s best recommended you check the weather forecast first, because due to its location, Apollonas beach, and the village, are quite often battered by the northern winds which makes it impossible to swim but offers awesome view of the sea, and an understanding of the ferocity of the Aegean.  Apollonas beach attracts families with children, couples, nature lovers, and fishing enthusiasts. It is also a popular for day trippers.

Apollonas beach is not an organized beach, be aware to bring your own umbrellas and sunbeds because there’re no such amenities here. On the waterfront there’re several taverns that serve fresh fish and local meat dishes, small cafes, and quite a few rooms and studios. Access to Apollonas beach is via asphalt road all the way into the village itself, and is easily accessible by car or motorbike (more convenient than public bus transportation).

There’re 2 different routes to Apollonas beach from the capital and port: one through the central Naxos, and the other route through the village of Galini, Eggares.

Apollonas Naxos beach and nearby colossal Kouros statue is one of the most popular attractions in Naxos, despite the long distance to arrive here.

Apollonas Naxos Beach