Lionas Naxos Beach

Lionas beach is an isolated small bay, and a fishing village, 35 Km NE from Naxos town and port,  9 Km from Koronos village, 14 Km from Apeirantos village, and 14 Km from ELaiolithos. Experience here slow travel in a village where time passes very slowly. There’re several roads that lead to Lionas beach, and all point towards Koronos village. Anyway, any route you pick, will be steep mountainous, but you’re about to discover the fantastic Naxian countryside with its breathtaking views. Your camera will capture amazing landscapes, scenic views of picturesque villages, and lush gorges.

From the top of Koronos you downhill 700 m to the sea level where is Lionas beach, with the road to be quite narrow, and with many sharp turns. The unfolding stunning scenery of rugged mountains, rocky terrain, emery mines shafts-archways, and remnants of the aerial emery railway cable carts are mad insane eyepettizers for you and will reimburse you big time!

Enjoy at Lionas beach a pebble beach with crystal clear waters, a secluded atmosphere, beautiful seascapes, mountainouscapes, and delicious local cuisine from the 2 taverns.  A few rooms and studios exist here. Accessibility is easy by car or motorbike, the road is asphalt along the way. There is no public transportation to Lionas beach.

Make sure you take a little walk on the left side of Lionas beach, and admire the magic scenery of the stone houses next to the water, the rugged mountains, and the deep blue color of the Aegean Sea. Ikaria island is clearly visible from here. Collect beautiful instagramable pictures, and breath fresh crispy sea air. It’s guaranteed that the views of the Lionas beach bay will be definitely something to remember!Lionas beach is a secluded hidden gem beach, worth the visit for those who love to explore.